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Increase Your Level Of Physical Fitness And Gain Extra Confidence While Having Fun.

Increase Your Level Of Physical Fitness And Gain Extra Confidence While Having Fun.

Submitted by: Yoshi Kundagawa

Have you ever thought about increasing your fitness through martial arts? More and more people are becoming health conscious and trying to get fit by going to the gym, joining walking or jogging groups and joining other groups offering a health and fitness regime, but it does not take long before the boredom sets in and going to classes become a chore.

Martial arts have much to offer. Physically, the training involved has the benefits of strengthening and toning muscles, improving suppleness and agility, increases circulation and greatly improves coordination. Many people are now using martial arts as an alternative weight loss program with amazing results. On a more spiritual level, due to the mental discipline of martial arts, students become more self confident, can think clearer and make more rational decisions and gain relief from the potentially harmful effects of stress such as tension and anxiety.

Of course, martial arts are also practiced by an increasing number of people for the self-defense aspect, as the techniques used in martial arts, both physical and mental are an effective means of self-defense, armed and unarmed. Depending on what style you decide on learning, the intricate techniques can vary, some styles use a completely weaponless technique, others emphasis striking and/or kicking, using hands, feet, shins and knees for blocking and striking. Other styles use grappling but in all styles, the basics are virtually the same and offer a complete work out of mind and body.

Styles like Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing will keep you on the move, increase fitness levels quickly and take you excitement level to a new high while still providing the discipline necessary for gaining self control, many other styles offer slower yet similar techniques and mind control. Styles such as Tai Chi, although no longer practiced as a contact style, offers slow precise movements which improve circulation, add muscle tone, increase suppleness and in a wonderful style for relaxation, clearing the mind and general well being. This form is becoming increasing popular and can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and is particularly beneficial to the elderly or those needing rehabilitation.

Increasing your fitness through martial arts will not only make you feel better, improve the many functions of mind and body but it will add fun and excitement to your training regime making going to classes something to look forward to rather than being a chore that you drag yourself to and eventually lose all interest in and give up. In addition to get fit and healthy you will also be learning the valuable art of self-defense.

About the Author: Yoshi I Kundagawa is a freelance journalist. He covers the mixed martial arts industry. For a free report on Fitness through Martial Arts visit his blog.

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