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Nutrition For Athletes Without Isolated Chemicals Or Steroids

Nutrition For Athletes Without Isolated Chemicals Or Steroids

Submitted by: Cliff Smith

Some old school strength trainers may disagree, but there are plenty of examples to back up the claim that all natural foods provide the best nutrition for athletes. You don't need steroids or animal based protein drinks to build muscle up, have more endurance and faster recovery times. You just need to take a good look at some of the innovative all natural food and health drink concentrates that are now available along with other ways to get nutrients from nature.

First, we have a quick multiple-choice test for you. Which of these animals is a vegetarian?

A) Gorilla
B) Elephant
C) Cow
D) All of the above

If you answered 'D', all of the above, you are right! These are three of the largest animals on Earth and two of them are among the strongest animals on Earth. So, as you can see, there is no need to consume pre-packaged, artificially enhanced vitamin drinks or specially processed diet foods to build muscle up. Just as gorillas and elephants do not require massive amounts of animal protein or isolated vitamins to gain strength, neither do humans. All natural nutrition for athletes is available now that can help any sports professional or amateur gain an edge over the competition.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to get more of those whole food nutrients in the form of all natural, low carb, high fiber foods and health drink concentrates. Because of the concentration levels of some of the more carefully manufactured health products, you can consume more nutrients in smaller amounts of food, maintaining a lower calorie intake.

Why does the body understand whole food vitamins better than isolated vitamins? When vitamins are not attached to a specific whole food source they may break down before cells can absorb the nutrients. For example, wheat germ oil, flaxseed meal, and rice bran stabilize the fat-soluble vitamins. Without these food oils as a base, the vitamins tend to break down before they can be used. Of course, eating flaxseed, wheat germ and rice bran is not so enjoyable, but you can get their benefits in whole food vitamins and health drink concentrates that are more carefully manufactured to provide serious nutrition for athletes. Wheat germ, by the way, is an abundant source of the entire vitamin E complex. Flaxseed is an outstanding source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, and rice bran contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, including over 70 antioxidants. By the way, did you know that the amount of vitamins you need for a full year would fit into a thimble? Just be sure to purchase vitamins that are from whole foods, not isolated.

For further confirmation of the power of all natural foods and health drinks look no further than some of the 2008 Olympic hopefuls and professional athletes who are searching for something, besides steroids, to gain an edge. The answer, many of them are finding, is in the simple power of natural nutrition for athletes. I know of one herbal supplement that has been certified anti-doping and can provide powerful nutrition for the heart. It is made with as many as 40 pounds of herbal product for each pound of formula squeezed into capsules. One of these capsules can provide more nutrition for an athlete than a whole plate full of carrots. The formula referred to is all natural and is made from food grade herbs, not medicinal herbs, so it is as safe as eating broccoli. Also, since it is designed to be food for the heart, this herbal supplement helps the body pump blood more efficiently to all parts of the body. That is why it is recommended as a natural supplement to increase sexual desire. That is also why this one supplement helps increase bone strength. The better your blood flow, the better chance your body has to produce healthier bone marrow.

To give yourself an athletic boost, search the Internet for all natural health drinks, an herbal supplement called Veros, and all natural low carb high fiber foods. You will give your body the tools it needs to achieve visible results that you can see and feel.

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