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Eating Your Way To A Bad Breath Solution

Eating Your Way To A Bad Breath Solution

Submitted by: Art Turner

Let me ask you this...have you ever brushed your teeth, flossed, even rinsed with mouthwash, and still suffered from bad breath? It can really begin to affect your self esteem. As you talk to people--even your closest friends--you see them struggle to control their reaction to your halitosis. They get that faraway look in their eyes and you realize they are concentrating on ignoring your bad breath. It's enough to make you want to go live in a cave, isn't it?

Don't give up! First of all, you have to realize that you are not alone. Everyone is forced to deal with the problem of bad breath at one time or another. Unfortunately, for some people it can be particularly bad or especially persistent. If you are one of those people, then an effective bad breath solution is your top priority.

It's a common misconception that what you eat determines the odor of your breath. But the truth is that the food itself doesn't matter nearly as much as how much of it gets left in your mouth. The unattractive odors that emanate from your mouth are caused by the growth of bacteria feeding on these leftover particles of food. Of course, making sure your dental hygiene is top-notch is important. But did you know that it is possible to handle this with changes in eating habits as well?

Implementing an effective bad breath solution starts with breakfast. Morning breath results from the increased bacterial activity that occurs overnight. As you sleep, the environment in your mouth becomes more favorable for bacterial growth. Growing bacteria produce more sulfur, resulting in breath odors that can't be ignored.

Although digestive halitosis is somewhat rare, skipping breakfast is the quickest way to develop it. The digestive enzymes in your stomach continue to process even when no food is present. This digestive processing can affect the lining of your stomach and create an unpleasant odor. The quickest way to deal with digestive halitosis is to chew on something.

Drinking water provides an excellent natural cure for bad breath. Residues from beverages like alcohol, coffee and tea can bind themselves to mucus can foster the growth of bacteria. Water, however, acts to flush these residues away and greatly reduces the bacteria count in your system.

Citrus fruits are a refreshing natural cure for bad breath. Citrus works by stimulating the production of saliva, which is designed to act as your body's natural mouthwash. It works to reduce the growth of bacteria by adding moisture and acidity to your mouth. Of course, the refreshing tang of citrus fruits is a great way to make your mouth feel fresh and clean.

There are several home remedies to treat bad breath. Parsley and wintergreen are easy to find and can be chewed following a meal. The chlorophyll contained in these plants provide a natural, long-lasting breath deodorant. Other natural breath fresheners include cardamom, fennel and eucalyptus. These fresh-smelling herbs also have antiseptic properties that reduce bacteria and improve digestion.

If you make room in your diet for foods that serve as home remedies to treat bad breath and concentrate on improving your oral hygiene, then you likely will have found your bad breath solution. Best of all, your friends and loved ones can stop turning away at the smell of your breath and give you their undivided attention.

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Your ‘How To’ Guide to FITNESS

Your ‘How To’ Guide to FITNESS

Submitted by: Women Story

How to run marathon

All runners are unique, but for typical novice runners a period of 16 weeks training will be needed. A gradual increase of both speed and distance is important, as this will prevent overuse injuries such as shin splints. Race directors can advise you of the course terrain, and this will allow you to train for similar conditions.

Carefully consider how much time you can devote to training runs each week, as this will ensure your goals for the race are attainable. Choosing gear for the race is important too. Sneakers should be broken in but not worn down and clothing should be lightweight and should wick moisture away from the skin. Heart-rate monitors are also useful as the rate of intensity can be tracked.

When you actually reach race day, a well-devised plan of action is recommended. The pre-race meal should be carbohydrate-based, such as a piece of toast and a banana. Water plus electrolyte replacement drinks are typically good choices for most runners and these should be consumed at regular intervals before and throughout the race to avoid dehydration. Energy replacement bars, bananas, jelly and sandwiches are great snacks for during the race and runners should experiment with this during training sessions.

Properly pacing yourself is very important for first time marathon runners, so ensure you begin the race with those of similar ability. Stick with a run-walk ratio that suits you and don’t worry about those passing you, as you will catch them later! Cross the finish line with a smile on your face, cool down with a brisk walk and within 30 minutes have a carbohydrate loaded snack. Picture that sense of achievement when you complete your first marathon!

How to increase your flexibility

Flexibility is widely defined as the body’s ability to move a joint smoothly through its complete range of motion (Expert Author Rom Maroney, 2007). As we age our muscles tighten and our flexibility decreases. Decreased flexibility can lead to immobility, back and neck pain, poor posture, weight gain and injury, among other things. Flexibility is important when it comes to participation in recreational sports and even in performing the simplest quotidian tasks.

Flexibility can be increased through a broad range of activities; however the primary practice is stretching. Simple stretching should be undertaken three to five times per well or approximately 10 minutes per session, as recommended by certified American applied kinesiologist Allyson Tambor. These stretches should include rudimentary exercises of the hamstring, chest, calf, shoulder, quadriceps, triceps and back.

Many believe that inert rehabilitation is the optimum remedy for physical pain, such as lower back soreness or shoulder tension. But quite often staying on the couch or in bed is not the best way to go. In fact stretching sessions, strength training and getting the blood flowing through cardio exercise can be more effective to relieve pain. Natural remedies such as yoga and massage can also be beneficial in increasing flexibility.

Working to increase flexibility should not be a short term goal – it should be a long term commitment. Flexibility is not just for gymnasts, it is for everyone. Maintaining a good level of flexibility means you will move better, sleep better and look better for the long term.

How to burn fat with yoga

Yoga practices are among the most ancient methods to keep the body free from many types of problems. Yoga fitness exercises can burn calories and convert fat into lean muscles, prevent muscles loss and tone the body. There are many who would say that the lean muscle building through yoga is far more effective than going to the gym and hitting the weights.

A number of yoga postures require you to hold positions for long periods of time and also to remain inverted for substantial periods. These positions put pressure on the thyroid gland to regulate metabolism and this works to burn calories. It also puts pressure on the digestive tract and prevents age and gravity induced abdominal sagging. Yoga helps in firming the abdominal muscles to work toward that ‘ flat stomach’ you may have had your sights on.

Yoga offers a solution to losing weight, and losing it for good. It tones the body in a uniform manner, unlike any other weight loss program. It can be practiced at any age to keep the body supple. To burn fat fast, yoga provides easy to follow regimens and recommends the intake of healthy food according to the needs of your body. Although the process of burning calories and fat through the yoga process takes more time than other training methods, it provides long term benefits to the body.

About the Author: If you would like more in depth ideas about women lifestyle, please visit my website. ( health care beauty - Women lifestyle )

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The Five-Step Method to Prevent Strokes

The Five-Step Method to Prevent Strokes

Submitted by: Kya Grace

Ischemic attack or Stroke as is commonly known has an adverse effect on the brain. After Cardiovascular diseases and Cancer, strokes are the third largest cause of deaths in the United States. We cannot specify any pre-conditions in which a stroke can occur. You can have all the risk factors for a stroke and still may not suffer from one, while anybody who shows no history can have one. Hence, it becomes essential for us to know what can cause strokes and how to prevent them. Here is a five-step method that will ensure that you can prevent a stroke from occurring in your life thus helping you live longer.

1. Keep a tab on your blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the main causes for a stroke. Therefore, it is essential to control your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, making small changes in your lifestyle routine and having a low salt diet will ensure that your blood pressure is under control.

2. Switch to a Healthy and Natural Diet: Having a healthy diet is the surefire way to prevent strokes as our diet has a major part in preventing many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc. A healthy diet constitutes of food rich in fiber and low in saturated fats. A good way to ensure a healthy diet is to include lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts etc in your everyday diet and reduce the intake of junk food an occasional indulgence. Having a healthy diet will also keep a control on your weight, which will further help in preventing the chances of a stroke.

3. Include Exercise into your routine: We all understand the importance of exercise but avoid it as the very thought sounds very exhausting. Exercise need not necessarily be backbreaking. Include some moderate exercises like walking, climbing stairs, gardening, cycling, etc into your daily activities and see the difference it makes to your overall health. This will help in the end to prevent from having a stroke.

4. Manage your Diabetes: Like high blood pressure, diabetes can also pose a risk of developing stroke. Especially in cases where patients have not kept their sugar levels under control over extended periods, the potential is high. Hence, keep your diabetes under control by regularly going for check-ups and maintaining a diet to control the same. If you have not checked your blood sugar recently, better go and get it checked immediately to eliminate the risk.

5. Say “NO” to smoking: Research has proved that smoking increases the risk of a stroke as well as reduces the life span of a person by almost 10 years. Hence, say “No” to smoking today and improve your chances of living a better life.

By making small changes and following this five-step method in your everyday life, you can not only prevent a stroke but also help prevent many other diseases. Not to forget the improved health and fitness you will gain by doing this. Try it and see the results for yourself.

About the Author: To hire a Personal Trainer Coogee, or for a free Bootcamp session, visit Bootcamps Sydney.

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Global Obesity Is On The Rise



Obesity is on the rise and may not be coming down anytime soon, research suggests. According to research published in the Lancet, since 1980 global obesity has been trending upward and is not restricted to people living in developed countries. These findings lend further credence to concerns that obesity is indeed a global epidemic.

An international team of researchers encompassing scientists from North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Australia conducted an analysis of data from published reports, surveys and reports in an effort to estimate the prevalence of global obesity in children and adults from 1980 through 2013.

The reasoning behind the study stemmed from the fact that obesity has resulted in millions of deaths and reduced longevity in countries across the globe.


Obesity Is Going Up All Over The World

After careful analysis of the data, the research team noted that global obesity is becoming more prevalent. In fact, from 1980 through 2013, the percentage of men with body mass index 25 kg/m2 or greater increased from 28.8 % to 36.9 %; women with BMI 25 kg/mor greater increased from 29.8 % to 38.0 % during the same time span.

If those stats aren't bad enough, the numbers for young people are even worse. When looking at children in developed countries, in 2013, 22.6 % of young girls were overweight or obese while 23.8% of boys were considered overweigth or obese in the same year.

Obesity has also become more prevalent in developing countries.  While the increase in obesity among adults living in developed countries has been slowing since 2006, obesity prevalence is rising in the developing world.

When researchers analyzed the data, they found that obesity prevalence was greater than 50% for adult men and women living in Micronesia, Samoa, Libya, Qatar and Tonga. 

The percentage of children living in developing countries whom were considered overweight or obese has been on the rise. The percentage of overweight or obese boys increased from 8.1% to 12.9% in 2013; the percentage of obese or overweight girls increased from 8.4% to 13.4%.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that obesity is more prevalent in developed countries. Data shows the US leads with 13 % of the its citizens categorized as obese. The bulk of the obese are centered in 10 countries including the US, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Germany, India, Russia and Pakistan.

Meanwhile developing countries are also experiencing rising obesity rates where many of the obes population happen to be children and adolescents.

Obesity is associated with many different health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis.

Although American obesity appears to be stabilizing, it is still likely to be a problem going forward. In the US some studies predict an 11 % increase in the prevalence of severe obesity by 2030. Part of this could be explained by the availablity of cheap foods and lack of exercise. But among young people, social pressures could be driving the epidemic.

Whatever the causes, if something isn't done to curtail the problem, obesity could result in considerable loss of life and quality of life for people around the world for many decades to come.


We are our brothers' keeper and our sisters', too. May we not neglect our Christian duty to minister to those in need, for as our Lord humbled Himself in service to others, we should do the same. Help the poor and the downtrodden in Jesus's name. Amen.


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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?


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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) News Release

Social Pressures Push American Teens Toward Obesity

Obesity Will Become Even More Prevalent By 2030, Report


"Global Obesity Is On The Rise" copyright © 2014 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). Are you?



The Basics And Nothing But The Vital Basics Of Beauty And Make Up

The Basics And Nothing But The Vital Basics Of Beauty And Make Up

Submitted by: Maria Llorente

If you’re tired of buying more and more beauty products, and in the end always use the same ones, or they don’t fit in your bathroom, we have the solution for you. In today’s newsletter you will find a list with the vital beauty products that all of us women should have in our bathroom…and I’ll also explain why it’s important to have it and what it’s for. This list will save you a lot of time and money…


• Eye makeup remover
Eye makeup remover formulas are soft, designed to remove makeup from this delicate part of the face. If you want to take care of your eye contour to avoid those extra wrinkles, buy an eye makeup remover that goes with your eye and your budget. And most importantly, get used to always using it!

• Facial makeup remover
Buy one according to your skin type, your budget and your needs. Don’t buy a makeup remover that can’t be used on any occasion. A good makeup remover removes all types of makeup, night, day… Also, when you don’t apply makeup, use it before going to sleep. Your face gets dirty with air pollutants and other substances.

• Skin toner
Toner is optional. I use it a lot because I like the fresh sensation it leaves on my face. Also, it balances the skin’s PH immediately and makes some creams absorb and penetrate rapidly. If you’re going to buy one or you use one already, it’s important that it adapts to your skin type and needs. For example, if you have sensitive skin, buy a calming one, or if you have greasy skin, buy an astringent one.

This is all you need to keep your skin clean! Now let’s look at treatment and moisturizer.

Eye contour moisturizer
This is an important investment, but you will appreciate it in the future. It takes eight to ten years to remove wrinkles, which means that we should begin moisturizing this part of the eye. Whew. From the time we were 20 years old… If you have not done it, you’re in time to start now. There are contours of all types and for all ages. If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes, buy one that will help you with this problem! You will quickly notice the difference. If you already use one, remember to apply it before the moisturizer. The contour cream has a lighter formula than any other cream; that’s why it should always be applied beforehand and around the eye with small, light touches.

Moisturizing cream
You should always, always moisturize your skin. Cream not only gives you elasticity and moisturization but also protects you from external agents. Choose a cream that adapts to your type of skin. Do you have greasy skin? Buy a cream that’s oil-free for oily skin types. Do you have sensitive, dry skin? Buy a cream that apart from moisturizing your skin completely will calm your skin.

It’s better if you use the same cream in the morning and at night rather than, by having to buy a night and a day cream, reducing the quality. The ideal is to have two, but if you can’t, buy a good one and use it day and night. Remember that it’s not necessary to use a lot of the product, just enough to cover your face and neck.

Exfoliating lotion
You can buy a good exfoliating lotion for a decent price. The exfoliating lotion can change the whole look of you skin within minutes. Buy one that adapts to your skin type. There are also exfoliating lotions for dry skin. They are very soft, but they produce a great result. Those of you who have very sensitive skin should be careful and try the product on the inside of your forearm before buying it. Make sure it’s a good exfoliating lotion for your type of skin.

Buy exfoliating lotion often. It removes the dead cells from your skin. Apply it softly. You’ll notice how your skin looks fresh and shining and how you can extend your makeup foundation better and more uniformly.

Facial masque
At least once a month (better twice) you should apply a masque on your face. Which type? you may ask. Well, what you should ask is, What is my problem? Sometimes we use products just because we do…and many times we don’t use products for a specific problem. Well, what is your skin like? Do you think you need more brightness? Use a cleansing masque. Do you need moisturizing? Use a moisturizer. Do you have stressed out and tired skin? Use a decongestant masque. There are some that, as they come in contact with a moist face, warm up and are delightful. What’s more, now in most places you can find one-time masques…very affordable!

Lip moisturizer
If you don’t have much money, go to the pharmacy and buy an affordable lip moisturizing treatment. If you want to invest a bit more, you can buy one that even solves problems with small wrinkles or gives greater volume.

Serum is a product that is used occasionally from treating wrinkles to dryness, lack of luster and a long etcetera. There are many types. They are usually expensive. You only need one and it lasts for a long time. If you want to, buy it when you need a crash treatment and an instant result…

And that’s it…Of course there are many, many more products, but these are basically the essential ones. Don’t miss out on our next newsletter; we will give you a complete list of the essential makeup items, basic eyeshadows, the ideal lipstick…and our advice about each one of the products that we’ve recommended.

About the Author: Maria Llorente is a qualified Make Up Artist and Beauty expert. You read more of her articles at:

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Dandruff - The Good Bad and Ugly

Dandruff - The Good Bad and Ugly

Submitted by: Kyle Odermann

Dandruff is a common malady that has an effect on your scalp, and it causes skin flakes to appear. Our skin cells regenerate constantly, and when the scalp’s skin cells are renewed, the old ones end up coming to the surface and out away from the scalp. People with dandruff have a faster hair regeneration process, and they shed larger amounts of dry skin faster. This is why their dandruff is more easily noticed. You can also contract dandruff if your scalp is exposed frequently to extreme ranges of temperature. Dandruff is also called scurf, and the medical name for it is Pityriasis capitis.


There is a serious form of dandruff known as seborrheic dermatitis, which causes the skin to become flaky or inflamed. This causes larger and greasier flakes than you would normally see. This more serious type also affects skin on other parts of the body.

How will you know if you have dandruff? It’s painfully simple, really. You will see flakes of skin in your hair and on your scalp, and the flakes may appear oily. Your scalp may feel itchy or sore and tingly. Adults with the more severe seborrheic dermatitis will have flaky red greasy skin patches on the scalp, and babies with cradle cap will have a rash, and crusting on their scalp.

Usually, dandruff doesn’t mean a trip to the doctor. But if you continually scratch your scalp, and it’s swollen or red, even after treating with the appropriate shampoos, you should see your doctor.

Dermatologists are not sure what causes dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. They can tell you that it has nothing to do at all with poor hygiene, however. If you don’t often brush your hair – for instance if you work outside and have a hat on for a time during the day – may have a slightly greater risk of getting dandruff. This is only due to the fact that you’re not helping the shedding process with combing or brushing.

If you’re sensitive to yeast, you may be more likely to contract dandruff, too. People with this sensitivity have noticed that their dandruff gets better in the summer and worse in the winter. UVA sunlight seems to counteract the yeast. Also, skin is normally drier in the winter, due to indoor heat that is low in humidity, and cold air outside.

People with dry skin elsewhere tend to get dandruff more often, too. Cold air and indoor temperatures that are too hot in the winter can cause the flaking, itchy skin of dandruff.


Your physician can make a diagnosis of dandruff, but you can actually do it yourself. If you have scalp flakes that are white, this means you have dandruff. If you want to see a dermatologist anyway, to be sure, he or she will look at your skin and scalp to confirm the diagnosis.

If your dandruff doesn’t get better after a few weeks of treating it yourself, you should check with your physician, especially if you have swollen, red patches on your scalp.

Products for the scalp and specialized shampoos can be obtained over the counter, without a prescription. You need to remember that if you have the more serious form, seborrheic dermatitis, it can be controlled by these products, but not cured.

Before you shampoo, try to remove any of the crusty or scaly patches on your scalp, carefully. If you can get those out of your hair, the shampoo will do more for you. Men with dandruff in their beard can use the same products as those with dandruff of the scalp.

When you select a dandruff shampoo, use it every day until you have your dandruff under control. Even after that, you may want to use a dandruff shampoo once or twice a week, to make it less likely for dandruff to return. If one shampoo stops working for you, select another brand. Be sure you leave the shampoo on your scalp long enough for it to work, before you rinse it off. Five minutes is usually sufficient.

About the Author: Your guide to Skin Care Conditions, Procedures, Diseases, Health and Skin Beauty. Find more information about Dandruff

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Recognizing Autism Symptoms

Recognizing Autism Symptoms

Submitted by: Grojan Fabiola

Autism is considered to be the most serious disorder among Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism is triggered by neurological dysfunctions, in some cases causing dramatic, irreversible damage in behaviors, social interactions, communication skills and even physical development. Although people who suffer from autism don’t always seem to be different from normal people, the presence of abnormalities is revealed by the way they socially interact, communicate, and learn.

Autism symptoms can usually be spotted during the first years of life. Despite the fact that autistic people share common features of the disorder, it is wrong to generalize the aspects of autism. People with autism, just like normal people, develop unique, distinctive personalities and have different ways of understanding and relating to the world. Furthermore, people with autism sometimes have high, above average IQ’s. Autistic people usually have good mathematical skills and good memory.

People with autism tend to experience emotional problems at different stages of their lives due to their evasive, withdrawing behaviors and they often become depressed. An obvious autism symptom is the predisposition towards stereotype, repetitive behaviors, and the preference for activities that involve maintaining a certain routine. People with autism strongly resist change and they are usually very tidy and organized. They categorize personal objects, maintaining everything in a very strict order. It is thought that autistic people refuse to engage in spontaneous activities due to their poor adaptability to new situations.

The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities proposes the following autism symptoms in identifying the presence of the disorder:

- poor emphatic skills, inability of understanding and coping with others’ distress;

- inability of relating to other people, lack of interest in other persons; it is a fact that autistic people have behaviors oriented towards the self;

- avoidance of social interactions, refusal of making eye contact, isolation from the external world;

- difficulties in expressing feelings or understanding other people’s emotions;

- poor responsiveness when called by their name, refusal of redirecting their attention towards people when asked to;

- difficulties in expressing their needs and desires;

- repeating ideas within a conversation, incoherent speech;

- unusual reactions to external stimuli like sounds, tastes or smells;

- deterioration of the skills they once possessed.

Children with autism need special care and attention and appropriate treatment in order to minimize the harm caused by their disorder. It is vital to pay attention to autism symptoms when suspecting that a child may be suffering from the disorder. Children with autism better deal with the disorder if they have been diagnosed with autism at an early age.

Adults with autism are able to take care of themselves, especially if they suffer from milder forms of the disorder. They can sometimes be successfully integrated in the society and some autistic people can even handle a job. However, many people with autism have unpredictable behaviors and need to be under the constant care of their families. Autistic people that have more severe forms of the disorder are usually institutionalized and kept under strict monitoring.

About the Author: Visit this links for great information on autism symptoms, signs of autism

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A Guide to Using Teeth Whitening Gel

A Guide to Using Teeth Whitening Gel

Submitted by: Derek Rogers

To get a brighter smile that exudes confidence, home teeth whitening kits that include teeth whitening gel are the most affordable and convenient option. When you look for teeth whitening kits you have to consider a number of important factors, not least the strength of the gel itself. The main thing about most of them is that they contain teeth whitening gel that is only about 3% peroxide, while a dentist will use 15% to 35% of carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth. Therefore, as the first part of this guide to using teeth whitening gel, I would suggest that you look for stronger variants to enhance the brightness of your smile.

Another problem that needs to be addressed, when you are looking for a guide to using teeth whitening gel is the way in which you apply it. There are many of the home teeth whitening kits that don't offer the custom fitted application trays, which can be important for effective teeth whitening. If you look carefully on the Internet, there are a few companies that specialise in the strength of teeth whitening gels that dentists use and also carry affordable custom fitted application trays, which makes home teeth whitening more effective.

A cosmetic dentist will offer a similar kind of service that you can perform yourself, although there are some differences. They will put you through a bleaching session that lasts almost an hour, but your teeth can change 8 shades in that amount of time. The more the whitening effect, the more sensitive your teeth will be to cold and hot for a period of time. Make sure that you carefully read a guide to using teeth whitening gel before trying this at home on your own because there are many things you need to learn.

For example, when using a teeth whitening gel, there can be side effects; gum irritation that can occur, if you get the bleaching agent on them for long periods of time. Another thing to watch out for is that many of the teeth whitening gels on the market aren't as strong as those used in the dentist office. But there are a number of specialist companies who are able to sell direct whitening products to the public over the Internet that are higher than the 3% peroxide. In fact, if you look carefully, you will find companies that sell carbamide peroxide of 20% and higher on the Internet. Although always ensure that the seller is reputable and has a history of providing quality dental products.

Be sure to do substantive research before you commit to purchasing a teeth whitening kit. Whilst it is safe and relatively straightforward, you need to know exactly what you are getting and who it is coming from/ You can save substantial amounts of money by doing this process at home, but research the teeth whitening gels on the Internet carefully for the strongest home teeth whitening products because ones with 3% peroxide levels don't offer proven results.

About the Author: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Teeth Bleaching Gel, he recommends Direct Whitening.

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Top 10 Easy To Follow Weight Loss Tips

Top 10 Easy To Follow Weight Loss Tips

Submitted by: Angela Esguerra

Need some simple to follow tips to shed the extra pounds? We comprised a list of the top 10 most effective and simple tips around for attaining natural weight loss.

1. Eliminate sodas and juices from your diet

Nothing contains a higher concentration of refined sugars then sodas and processed juices. A typical coke or juice can contain up to 30 grams of sugar that when consumed will send your glucose levels sky high resulting in an energy rush and then a severe crash leaving you and your energy levels at a low. Replace sodas and juices with water through out the day and you will find that it gets easier and easier to eliminate sodas entirely from your diet.

2. Increase your water intake

When you think you have been drinking enough water through out the day, double it. Try and drink at least half a gallon of water a day and up to 1 gallon of water a day depending on your activity levels. Studies have shown that keeping your body with a continuous source of water helps to speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more calories. Another added benefit is by constantly drinking water you are flushing toxins out of your body. The list goes on and on about the benefits of drinking a gallon a day of water which range from better skin complexions to enhanced metabolic functions.

3. Take time for breakfast

People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. A good breakfast should consist of a high percentage of carbohydrates as well as some protein. The combination of protein and carbohydrates helps to stabilize blood sugars and kick start the metabolism to start burning fat. The carbohydrates give fuel for your body to continue on through the day and protein makes sure that your body doesn’t turn to muscle to feed on when it is stressed.

4. 6 Meals a day

Instead of eating your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner space your food our over 6 meals. If you eat 3 large meals, cut your portions down by half and space them out evenly over 6 meals through out the day. What this achieves is it provides a steady source of nutrients to your body and prevents glucose spikes. A glucose spike is what causes your body to have energy crashes and sometimes causes binge eating resulting in weight gain for you. Each meal should contain protein, carbohydrates and good monosaturated fats in the form of nuts, fish and poultry. 6 meals through out the day will keep your metabolism active and turn you into a fat burning machine. Just remember the more often you eat the more calories you burn while missing meals and eating less turns on the body’s starvation switch bringing your metabolism to a screeching halt.

5. Eliminate Simple Carbs

Simple carbohydrates are mostly found in foods like cakes, soft drinks, coffee, candy, honey, table sugar and puddings. The problem with simple carbohydrates is that they give you a huge energy rush but once that rush is finished you then have a crash which disrupts your metabolism. Simple carbohydrates will affect glucose and insulin levels which in turn will prompt your body to store more fat then what it started with.

6. Complex Carbs

If you must eat carbohydrates the best alternative is to try and primarily eat complex carbohydrates. Unlike simple Carbs complex will not give you such a drastic increase and then a crash in glucose levels. Complex Carbs are slowly digested and thus provide a steady source of energy and do not affect your metabolism as severely. Examples of Complex Carbs include whole wheat pasta, brown rice, lentils, beans, pita bread, shredded wheat and bagels.

7.Evening Snacking

As the sun goes down a natural response in the body is to drop the serotonin levels slightly and as a result your body sends very strong cravings out for you to eat sugars and Carbs to raise the serotonin levels. This is the principal reason why people sometimes have excruciating late night cravings for sweets and Carbs. When the sun goes down do your best to avoid carbohydrates and sweets as they will grind your metabolism to halt. To ease the anxiety take 2 capsules of Slimvia as this is exactly what we designed the product for to reduce cravings.

8. Lower calories through out the day

When you first wake up in the morning your body is least likely to turn your meals into fat this is why you are supposed to eat the most carbohydrates at this time. But as the day progresses on your metabolism naturally slows down so each meal you consume has a higher chance of being turned into fat. Dinner is the most important you should keep the Carbs very low while keeping protein high because at this point in the day your metabolism is at its slowest besides when you are sleeping and will turn anything bad that you eat into fat.

9. Eat the right fats!

There is a big misconception about fats among consumers. Any time you see products labeled “No Fat’ or “Fat Free” do not forget that these products are not sugar nor calorie free so without the fat in them to aid the absorption of sugar into the blood you end up actually with a more detrimental effect of weight gain since sugar is entering your body a lot quicker. The kinds of fats that you should avoid are saturated fats, trans-fats, and hydrogenated oils. 20% of your daily caloric intake of foods should however be good dietary fats or monosaturated fats. These fats come from foods such as olive oil, natural nuts, salmon, trout, mackerel, avocadoes, and natural peanut butter. Good dietary fats help to slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream as well as maintain a balanced hormone function in the body.

10. Raise the protein

Certain studies have shown that having a high protein diet actually helps to burn more fat and keep your metabolism working at a more efficient rate. An active individual who is working out either with weights or just casual cardio 3 times a week should at minimum be consuming 1.5 grams of protein per pound of their body mass so for a 180 pound male that would be 270 grams of protein per day. If you are not that active you should still at least be getting 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This ensures that your body does not turn to your own muscle to feed or replenish its energy supplies but rather turns to the proteins that you are consuming.

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Health – 4 Ways to Improve Your Well Being

Health – 4 Ways to Improve Your Well Being

Submitted by: Abigail Aaronson

Oftentimes, people don’t really understand the importance of health. Yet, when you’re faced with a tough situation, you soon realize how important it is (or was) to take care of your body.

Being in tip-top shape is often the goal of so many people. The great thing is that youth commonly takes care of the situation for you. However, as time goes by, you may notice that your body doesn’t respond as it use to. For instance, there may have been a time when you could run for miles, jump through the air or do splits for hours. Also, you know it’s important to eat right, but old habits die hard and as the years go by, you may begin to become dependant on medications just to get through the day. To help prevent such issues, it’s essential that you take your health seriously and make a commitment to care for your body.

Get enough sleep

We all believe in getting a lot done in less and less time. Unfortunately, you could really be depriving your body of much-needed sleep. During your rest, that’s when the body repairs itself. If you cut this time short, you’re really missing out on all the health benefits of a good night’s rest. So turn off the television put the phone on silent and commit to at least six to eight hours of sleep each night. Your body will thank you.

Try to keep stress to a minimum

Although we all deal with it, stress is extremely detrimental to your overall health. Constant worrying can really reap havoc on your body, so remember to take time for yourself so you can recharge your battery and calm down. Even though there’s no way to change a situation, you can change the way you respond to it. So be sure to really analyze what you’re getting upset about and figure out if it’s worth it; oftentimes, it’s not. The worst thing is that many times, the person that’s gotten you all upset has forgotten about the ordeal and moved on. So be kind to yourself and let go of stressful situations as soon as you can.

Commit to daily exercise

Getting your body moving is great for you overall respiratory system. Whether it’s a short walk after dinner, parking in the space farthest away from the elevator or simply taking the stairs, make a concentrated effort to get a little exercise everyday. As your small workouts become easier, try to tack on a few more minutes to your walk or try to introduce a few more advanced moves, such as weights or a more intricate routine. All these things will keep your body guessing, therefore improving your chances of getting past a workout plateau.

Get regular checkups

We know no one wants to do them, but it’s really important to visit your doctor for yearly physicals and routine exams. Many health issues can be solved simply by early diagnosis. This way, whatever the problem may be, your doctor can catch it early and determine the best source of action to take before things get worse. So make a point to fit those visits into your schedule no matter what.

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