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Women’s Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Women’s Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Submitted by: Susan Megge

If you’re like the majority of women, especially those approaching menopause, there’s a good chance that you’re not satisfied with your weight and you have a strong desire to shed some pounds. And, just like most women, you’ve probably attempted weight loss on several occasions, only to give up after a short time. Maybe you’ve given up because you became discouraged, or perhaps you were facing a stressful period and you turned to food for comfort. Whatever the reason, there are diet strategies available that will assist you in successfully reaching your weight loss goal. The key is remembering these strategies. I strongly suggest you print out the following list and keep a copy on your refrigerator, in your purse, on your desk, on the dashboard of your car and anywhere else you may frequently look.

• Set Realistic Goals – Set a realistic, short-term weight goal. It’s best to take small steps so that you can feel successful with each accomplishment you make, even those that are small. In other words, set your first goal for 30 days from now, perhaps making that goal to lose 8-10 pounds. This is a very realistic and reachable goal if you stick to a well balanced diet. Once you’ve successfully accomplished this first goal, set your next for another 30 or 60 days and so on. In the end you will feel successful, accomplished and thin.

• Share Your Goals with Others – Yes, tell other people with whom you’re close exactly what your weight loss goal is. By doing so you’ll be more likely to stick with your goal due to the fact that you’ll likely feel humiliated and embarrassed if you should fail. Remind your friends that you only have so many days left before your deadline is up. This is sure to keep you in line because nobody likes to feel like a failure or think that they look like a failure to others.

• Be Organized and Prepared – Be sure to have your refrigerator and cupboards stocked with healthy, low-calorie and low-fat foods. This will prevent you from being tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks. You see, if healthy foods aren’t readily available and you’re looking for a shack, it’s quite likely that you’ll reach for whatever may be available. You’ll avoid this if you have a good supply of fruits, nuts and vegetables around.

• Think Before You Eat – If you’re tempted to grab a bite to eat, stop and think for a moment. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry or instead bored, stressed or perhaps reaching for food simply because it’s in front of you. If you decide you’re not really hungry after all, distract yourself by doing something productive, making a phone call, reading or even going for a walk. Just like with smoking, usually the temptation will pass.

• Keep a Food Journal – Make an entry for each meal and snack you consume, as well as the time and number of calories for these entries. This will assist you a great deal in ensuring that you’re not overeating or exceeding the calorie limit you’ve set for yourself. Even if you should grab a cracker while you’re on the run, be sure to log it in because every calorie should be counted. For a free journal, go to http://www.40isbeautiful.com

• Exercise – Make time to fit in a regular exercise routine, which includes weight training, as this will speed the time at which you lose inches. You see, by building muscle, you’ll be raising your metabolic rate and, therefore, burning many calories, even while you’re resting. I can’t stress enough the significant role exercise plays in weight loss.

No matter what your weight loss goal may be, it’s important to understand that you’re capable of reaching that goal. With a little determination you’ll be well on your way. As a matter of fact, you’re already past the first step because you’ve taken the time to search for information related to weight loss. You will succeed!

About the Author: Susan Megge is the founder of http://www.40isbeautiful.com, a website designed to assist women as they experience weight gain and approach menopause. Susan, a health and fitness expert, started experiencing symptoms of perimenopause and weight gain several years ago and researched various avenues to deal with these symptoms naturally. This led to her discovery of the significant role that exercise plays in making these years very manageable, and even wonderful. Susan Megge is the author of "Being Beautiful Beyond 40," a book dedicated to helping women to be inspired, confident and beautiful as they approach menopause.

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