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Aging Exercise Rustles Thoughts Of Aches And Pains

Aging Exercise Rustles Thoughts Of Aches And Pains

Submitted by: Ellen Miller

I am still looking for the fountain of youth. I have not found it yet, but I am hoping that it will pop up in a bottle on the grocery shelf at a reasonable price. I doubt it, but there is always hope. On my more realistic days, I like to think that I am drastically slowing the aging process, though not halting it completely. Through my daily exercise routine and nutritional choices, I feel and look younger than other people my age. I know this personally and I am told this on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies start to get a bit weak. That is, things like osteoporosis and arthritis affect our ability to move like we used to when we were young. There are still plenty of ways to get quality exercise without endangering oneself or promoting further arthritis difficulties.

Since I have started exercising, I have seen my energy go through the roof. Whereas before, when I was merely watching what I eat or completely ignoring my body’s needs, I felt sluggish on nine hours of sleep and could barely get through my day without yawning incessantly or drinking multiple cups of coffee. Caffeine is not only bad for the body but it yellows the teeth, which adds to the overall aged look.

When I discovered that isometric exercise could be used in combination with resistance band training to help get fit, I was skeptical. After all, a great number of older people suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis that can make simple hand motions painful. However, the resistance bands offer varying degrees of difficulty that I am in control of at all times. There is no need for me to setup complicated equipment or lift heavy weights and machines. The band can be stored in my pocket and purse and pulled out whenever I have a few minutes.

Isometric exercise is essential to increasing the effectiveness of my resistance band exercise. This is as simple as a breathing technique and muscle contraction at the right time. In a few weeks of participating in this exercise route, I had as much energy as when I was a teenager. I could never have hoped for more. I feel younger and healthier just because of a few strength training exercises per day.

The idea behind isometric exercise and resistance band exercise is that very select muscles are worked. Because it is resistance training, the muscle and joint only have to be moved as far as you are comfortable with. That is why these techniques are used by physical therapists to recuperate patients and the morbidly obese. Movement is limited to what you feel comfortable. Usually, after seven days, that range of motion increases a bit. Slowly you will find yourself more flexible and tolerant of motion in your muscles and joints.

In order to lose weight and build muscle, I participate in the strength training program, but I also eat very healthy. I do not count calories or avoid breads altogether, I just use common sense. It goes a long way towards a healthy lifestyle. I coupled proper food choices with strength training and a brisk walk in the morning and find myself the best “me” I could be. I feel like I am in my twenties, look younger than most of my peers, and have the energy to go non-stop through my busy day. Come to think of it, I really do not need the fountain of youth. Aging exercise is easy with the IsoBreathing System. I’ll leave searching for an instant answer to those who do not want to take a proactive role in their own health.

About the Author: Owner of IsoBreathing Inc. and creator of IsoBreathing® Ellen has been teaching life style and fitness over 20 years and is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer. Find out about Isometric Exercise, Weight Loss Exercise or buy her Exercise DVD - visit

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