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It's Easy To Fix A Golf Slice

It's Easy To Fix A Golf Slice

Submitted by: Mike Pedersen

Hitting the dreaded golf slice. Are you a victim of it? Have you tried to fix your golf slice but with no success? There are a couple of causes of a golf slice and using a training aid may be the answer.

The slice is caused by a your clubface coming across your ball at impact. Swiping it...instead of hitting directly behind the back of the ball. In fact hitting from the inside is something you might want to try to go the exact opposite as you are doing now.

The basic move a slicer does is coming "over-the-top" with the upper body before the lower body clears. This action causes an outside to in swing path, and the result is a side spin that creates the slice.

There are several training aids that can help you correct this move and fix your golf slice forever!

These training aids drill into your brain the correct move and the repeatable muscle memory to do it over and over again. Once your body feels the right way to do it, you will know how to correct it quickly when it happens again during play.

Another "quick fix" for a golf slice is your grip. Strengthening your left hand (for a right-handed) golfer will close the clubface at impact, instead of it being closed. The only issue here is if you still have that over the top move and your clubface is closed at impact, it will be a big pull.

Also, focusing on maintaining your exact spine angle and rotating around it will give you a good chance at solid ball contact. Rotating your upper body around a fixed spine angle (like a rotissery ) will keep you from coming over the top.

The slice can be a very frustrating ball flight to watch, but with a concerted effort and the right training aid, you will overcome it!

About the Author: About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is the founder of 8 golf improvement websites. For reviews on training aids to quickly fix your golf slice, go to

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The Popcorn Factory, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert Because The Product May Contain Undeclared Milk



According to a press release posted on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website, the Popcorn Factory of Lake Forest, Illinois is voluntarily recalling 600 4 oz bags of "Lite Works Dill Pickle Popcorn," (the "Product") because it might contain undeclared milk.

The Product was distributed in Burlington Coat Factory retail stores nationwide.

The company says that the Product comes in a 4 oz foil bag. A 5 digit lot code is printed along with the best by date just above the price sticker that is located on the lower left of the backside of the bag. The lot code of the recalled product is 15111, the best by date is SEP 17, 2015.

People who are sensitive to milk or allergic to milk could suffer a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if the consume this product.

According to the press release, the company initiated the recall after it was discovered that the wrong food product ingredients were packaged in the foil bags during production. A subsequent investigation shows the problem was caused by an error in the company's production and packaging processes.

The company urges consumers who bought the 4 oz bag of Lite Works Dill Pickle Popcorn with lot code 15111, best by date SEP 17, 2015 to discard the product.

Consumers with questions may contact The Popcorn Factory at 1-888-238-8107 FREE. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm Central Standard Time. Customers who purchased the recalled product may contact The Popcorn Factory for a replacement.



Now let me give you the entire verse: “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. But be courageous! I have conquered the world.” John 16:33

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Article Reference

FDA Recall --- Firm Press Release


"The Popcorn Factory, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert Because The Product May Contain Undeclared Milk" copyright © 2015 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). All Rights Reserved.



Natural Grocers Issues Recall Of Macadamia Nuts Because of Possible Health Risk



According to a posting on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website, Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets Inc., a Lakewood, Colorado, based natural grocery chain, is two lots of Natural Grocers brand Macadamia nuts because the product has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The recalled product is listed below:


UPC CodeDescriptionPacked on Dates
0000080657552 RAW MACADAMIA NUTS 10oz 15-041 and 15-056


According to the press release, the product was distributed to Natural Grocers’ 96 stores located in the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

The company says that consumers can find the specific locations of Natural Grocers stores at: icon.

According to the press release, only packages bearing the Julian packed on dates listed above are subject to recall.

According to the company, the recall was initiated after being notified of positive Salmonella findings in product sampled by the Food and Drug Administration.

Salmonella is a microorganism that can cause serious or even life-threatening illness among the elderly, persons with weakened immune systems, young children and frail people.

Health people who become infected with Salmonella may experience the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • fever
  • diarrhea (which may be bloody)
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting

In some instances the bacteria can get into the bloodstream and spread to other parts of the body and cause these illnesses:

  • arthritis
  • arterial infections
  • endocarditis

To date the company hasn't received reports of illness. Consumers who may have bought this product should return it to the store for credit or refund.

Consumers with questions may contact the company by calling Customer Service at (303) 986-4600, ext. 531, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST).


2 through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. 3 Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:2-4

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Article Reference

FDA Recall --- Firm Press Release


"Natural Grocers Issues Recall Of Macadamia Nuts Because of Possible Health Risk" copyright © 2015 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). All Rights Reserved.



Whole Foods Market's Oakland Store Voluntarily Recalls Certain Products Due To Undeclared Allergen



According to a posting on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website, Whole Foods Market's Oakland store which is located at 230 Bay Place is voluntarily recalling Jivara Lactee Milk Chocolate Valrhona cut and wrap pieces because of undeclared hazelnuts on the product label.

The company says the recalled product came in pieces wrapped in clear plastic wrap.

The recall includes all Jivara Lactee Milk Chocolate Valrhona cut and wrap pieces packed on dates before May 19th 2015. The UPC code for this product is 250344025508.

People who are sensitive to hazelnuts or are allergic to hazelnuts could have a serious or even life-threatening reaction if they eat this product.

The company says that the recall only applies to Whole Foods Market's Oakland store. The company says that one mild reaction has been reported to date.

Whole Foods Market advises customers who bought this product to discard it and that they may bring in their receipt for a full refund.

Consumers with questions may contact Whole Foods Market's Oakland store at 510-834-9800 from 8:00 am – 10:00 PM Pacific time.


"A just man falls seven times and rises up again." (Proverbs 24:16)

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Article Reference

FDA Recall --- Firm Press Release


"Whole Foods Market's Oakland Store Voluntarily Recalls Certain Products Due To Undeclared Allergen" copyright © 2015 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). All Rights Reserved.



Aging Exercise Rustles Thoughts Of Aches And Pains

Aging Exercise Rustles Thoughts Of Aches And Pains

Submitted by: Ellen Miller

I am still looking for the fountain of youth. I have not found it yet, but I am hoping that it will pop up in a bottle on the grocery shelf at a reasonable price. I doubt it, but there is always hope. On my more realistic days, I like to think that I am drastically slowing the aging process, though not halting it completely. Through my daily exercise routine and nutritional choices, I feel and look younger than other people my age. I know this personally and I am told this on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies start to get a bit weak. That is, things like osteoporosis and arthritis affect our ability to move like we used to when we were young. There are still plenty of ways to get quality exercise without endangering oneself or promoting further arthritis difficulties.

Since I have started exercising, I have seen my energy go through the roof. Whereas before, when I was merely watching what I eat or completely ignoring my body’s needs, I felt sluggish on nine hours of sleep and could barely get through my day without yawning incessantly or drinking multiple cups of coffee. Caffeine is not only bad for the body but it yellows the teeth, which adds to the overall aged look.

When I discovered that isometric exercise could be used in combination with resistance band training to help get fit, I was skeptical. After all, a great number of older people suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis that can make simple hand motions painful. However, the resistance bands offer varying degrees of difficulty that I am in control of at all times. There is no need for me to setup complicated equipment or lift heavy weights and machines. The band can be stored in my pocket and purse and pulled out whenever I have a few minutes.

Isometric exercise is essential to increasing the effectiveness of my resistance band exercise. This is as simple as a breathing technique and muscle contraction at the right time. In a few weeks of participating in this exercise route, I had as much energy as when I was a teenager. I could never have hoped for more. I feel younger and healthier just because of a few strength training exercises per day.

The idea behind isometric exercise and resistance band exercise is that very select muscles are worked. Because it is resistance training, the muscle and joint only have to be moved as far as you are comfortable with. That is why these techniques are used by physical therapists to recuperate patients and the morbidly obese. Movement is limited to what you feel comfortable. Usually, after seven days, that range of motion increases a bit. Slowly you will find yourself more flexible and tolerant of motion in your muscles and joints.

In order to lose weight and build muscle, I participate in the strength training program, but I also eat very healthy. I do not count calories or avoid breads altogether, I just use common sense. It goes a long way towards a healthy lifestyle. I coupled proper food choices with strength training and a brisk walk in the morning and find myself the best “me” I could be. I feel like I am in my twenties, look younger than most of my peers, and have the energy to go non-stop through my busy day. Come to think of it, I really do not need the fountain of youth. Aging exercise is easy with the IsoBreathing System. I’ll leave searching for an instant answer to those who do not want to take a proactive role in their own health.

About the Author: Owner of IsoBreathing Inc. and creator of IsoBreathing® Ellen has been teaching life style and fitness over 20 years and is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer. Find out about Isometric Exercise, Weight Loss Exercise or buy her Exercise DVD - visit

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Tips to Reduce Tummy Fat

Tips to Reduce Tummy Fat

Submitted by: Kya Grace

For human beings their body is their first priority. A fit toned body is probably of the primary importance for each and every individual. Tummy flab is characterized by a big wobbly flab on the stomach. According to the statistics of National Center of Health, 142 million Americans lie in the category of overweight people out of which 73 million are overweight men and 30.7 million are obese.

Lack of exercise and over-eating are not the only causes of obesity. Eating late at night, poor posture, improper digestion are some of the unhealthy habits that entail a flab on our stomach. Genes have a significant role in influencing fat distribution. Menopause in women is also a reason for a bulging stomach as after menopause fat begins to store in different areas mostly on the stomach. Stress is also one of the major factors that contribute to belly fat. Discussed below are some tips to tackle tummy fat.

Healthy nutritional diet

Exercise helps in reducing 50% of the tummy flab and the rest can be slenderized by adhering to a proper nutritional diet. A healthy nutritional diet includes oatmeal for the morning breakfast, along with some eggs if needed. While oats are rich in fibers and stay for hours in your stomach, eggs contain vitamin B12 that is very essential in order to metabolize fats.

Remember that you should never skip your meals especially breakfast as it helps kick-start your metabolism. It is suggested to use only olive oil for cooking as it helps to keep your cholesterol under control and also satiates craving. Lunch should mainly comprise of beans and legumes as they have low calories and are rich in fibers.

Apart from pulses, whole grains should also be a part of your meal. Dinner should preferably be the lightest meal. It is recommended to have only salad mainly rich in fibers in the form of broccoli, spinach etc. The in take of proteins and carbohydrates should be avoided at night.

Other food items

Peanut butter helps to improve your digestive system and also prevents belly bloat. But make sure that you don’t consume more than two tablespoons a day.
Skim milk- In order to reduce your flab it is necessary to pick up fat free milk rather than the full fat versions.

Tea, Especially green tea contains antioxidants that help to speed up the process of metabolism. Preferably without sugar to keep the calorie count low. So you can afford four cups of tea a day.


1. Lie down on your back. Place your palms on the floor right next to your buttocks. Bend your knees upwards in the direction of your chest. Now slowly bring your legs back.

2. While you lie flat on your back, place your hands crossed on your chest. Bend your knees. Now slowly raise yourself up and as you reach the top exhale. As you come back to your beginning position, inhale. Perform this at least 25-30 times thrice a week.

3. Lie on your back and bend forward attempting to touch your heal. Hold it for a second and then inhale slowly as you lower your back.

Healthy habits
* Don’t eat anything within three hours of bedtime.
* Drink plenty of water at least 8 to 9 glasses a day.
* Eat smaller meals more often rather than 2-3 heavy meals.
* Try avoiding diary products.
* Don’t only restrict yourself to a healthy diet. Once in a while treat yourself with your favorite dessert.

About the Author: If you'd like to signup for a session at Sydney Bootcamp, or a free Boot Camp Sydney consultation, visit Personal Trainers Sydney.

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Important News About A Clinical Trial For Patients With Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer



As a CureClick Ambassador I want to share this information with my readers: Eli Lilly is sponsoring a clinical trial for people with stage IV lung cancer.

To be more specific this study is for people who have already been treated with chemotherapy. The trial is intended to compare the new investigational medicine versus the standard-of-care treatment with respect to life expectancy outcomes.

This research trial could be of great importance to you or someone you know.

Information about the clinical trial and eligibility requirements are listed below:

Previously Treated Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Non-small cell lung cancer
This study is for patients with Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer who have already been treated with chemotherapy. The purpose of this study is to compare the new investigational medicine versus the standard-of-care treatment with respect to life expectancy outcomes.
Age Range
at least 18 years old years old

For trial eligibility questionnaire and full trial details, please visit our partner TrialReach .


When you click on the highlighted link it will take you to a page where you will read "Referred by Joseph Martin" and displays my CureClick Ambassador badge.

That badge and referral are CureClick's way of telling patients that they can confidently trust the information about clinical trial because I am a certified CureClick Ambassador.

For those of you whom are not familiar with clinical trials, here's some information that you can use:

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies to determine whether investigational drugs or treatments are safe and effective for humans.

All investigational devices and medicines must undergo several clinical trials, often times these clinical trials require thousands of people.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

People whom are eligible will have access to new investigational treatments that would be available to the general public only upon approval.

People whom are eligible for clinical trials will also receive study-related medical care and attention from clinical staff at research facilities.

Clinical trials offer hope for many people and gives researchers a chance to find better treatment for others in the future.


Disclaimer: I am not participating in this clinical trial. I am providing this information to my readers as a CureClick Ambasssador. Click on My Relationship To CureClick to learn why I'm talking about clinical trials.


12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command. 15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:12-15

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Weight Loss Surgery Tips

Weight Loss Surgery Tips

Submitted by: Ann Marier

If you are one of the many people out there that are looking to have weight loss surgery done, then you need to know that there are many different things that you are going to have to take into consideration before you actually go through with the weight loss surgery.

First of all you are going to have to go into your doctor, so that you can get a full examination and so that thus the doctor can tell you how healthy you are at the moment, as this is very important because if you are too unhealthy then you may not be able to go through with the weight loss surgery procedure at all.

However you do not have to worry because for the most part, not many people get told that they cannot have the weight loss surgery done, and so basically unless you have had some really serious past medical issues, then you should be fine.
Preparing for the Weight Loss Surgery

There are many things that you are going to have to do in order to prepare for this surgery and so one of the most important things that you are going to have to do here is research on your own time. This means talking with the doctors that are going to be involved, and asking them every single question that has ever come to mind about the surgery.

You need to be absolutely sure on everything, and so do not feel silly asking a ton of questions. You are also going to want to take some time so that you can find a really good doctor, because this is a very serious surgery and so you definitely do not want to put yourself into the wrong hands. Ask around, and see who has opinions on what doctors, so that you can get some firsthand opinions in regards to who the best doctors are.

As well, you can actually go in for appointments with the doctors so that you get the chance to meet them before you even decide on having them as your doctor, so that you can get a feel for them and so that you can tell whether or not you want this doctor to be performing your surgery. Remember to ask your doctor questions about how many procedures like this they have done before, how long they have been in the medical field, and so on.

About the Author: Ann Marier writes informative articles on general health issues providing helpful tips and advice. Her latest articles are about the different weight loss programs including a vegan weight loss program

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The Beauty Of Hills

The Beauty Of Hills

Submitted by: Curt Shryack

I just love the results that hills give to my running. No other workout gives more to my running than hills. Want to run fast, run some hills. Want to increase your leg strength, run hills. Want to work on your running mechanics, run hills. Want to increase your mental toughness, run some hills. Want to get in shape fast, run some hills.

Every time that I stop running hills for an extended period of time I start to run slower. I’m not sure why I always stop. Probably the pain that I feel when I run hills hard. The shear agony that running up a half mile long hill at 5k effort can bring, is this why?

When I am running my best it has always happened after running hills once a week for a couple of months. The increased leg strength that I develop and my increase in lung capacity are just a few of the reasons for running so well.

Our running club meets once a week to run a course that is called ball busters. This is a 7 mile course of 12 hills that increase in difficulty. Each hill has a different grade and length. And at the top of each hill there is a flat section leading to the next hill.

I can run many different types of hill workouts on this one course. One time I will concentrate on running the uphill sections hard. The next time I might run the hills and flat section hard. Or another week I can run the whole course as fast as I can. There are so many ways to run this course that I shouldn’t become bored with hills.

What can a person do that lives in an area were hills are not available? Options can include running stairs, hill workouts on treadmills, stadium bleachers. I have heard of runners using beach areas.

Treadmills are an excellent way to run hills. A common injury caused by hills is running back down. Using a treadmill you can correct this problem. After running the hill reducing the incline back to zero during your rest period. By not running downhill the landing shock reduced.

Treadmills can simulate most any hill. The length or speed running up the hill can be varied to meet your needs. A good treadmill hill workout could be ¼ mile uphill repeats with a ¼ mile jog. Choose a speed that might seem a little slow at first. As the incline increases the intensity will also increase.

About the Author: Author of Run2Fast -

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7 Food Items That Help Fighting Weight Gain

7 Food Items That Help Fighting Weight Gain

Submitted by: Kya Grace

Eating healthy is the way to keep a healthy working body. Judy Dodd, R.D, past president of the American Dietetic Association is of the opinion that most Americans not only eat too much, they eat too often. Our eating habits should be determined by our physical activities and age. The right amount of calorie intake is the secret to a healthy body.

First, we need to understand what overweight means. Doctors and Dieticians use the BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure this. Know your weight in Kilograms and your height in Meters. Say, your height is 1.50 Meters. Multiply 1.50 by 1.50, you get 2.25 as the result. If your weight is, say 42.0 Kilos, divide 42.0 by 2.25. The resultant number, 18.7 is your BMI. A body with BMI between 18.5 and 25.0 is a healthy body. Between 25.0 and 30.0 it is overweight and if the BMI is above 30.0, it is an obese body. The moment you find your BMI crossing 25.0, start taking corrective steps.

The seven food items that are helpful in losing weight are:-

1. Resins
2. Fruits
3. Vegetables
4. High Fiber Cereals
5. Sprouted Pulses
6. Skimmed Milk Products
7. Water

Water is the most important “food” that the body needs. Experts say that the amount of water intake in a day should be proportional to your body weight, say your weight is 100 pounds, then you must drink 50 ounce of water daily. You can make a choice from the following diet plan which has been based on these foods –

Make it a habit of never missing your breakfast, whatever the urgency. This is the first meal of your day and is going to kick start your energy for the day.

1. A cup of non-fat milk with cereal and raisins.
2. White of scrambled eggs mixed with spinach or mushrooms.
3. Shake with natural French vanilla or chocolate flavors. Recommended by American Heart Association.
4. Sandwich with raw vegetables.

The mid-day energy booster and metabolism regulator meal should be well balanced.

1. Baked or boiled potatoes with a little pepper and lime are good.
2. A cup of chicken soup followed by a plate of green salad.
3. Organic, whole wheat tortilla with dressings of carrots, tomatoes and sprinkled with pepper and taken with grilled chicken or lean meat.
4. A grilled vegetable burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a little cheese along with your favorite ketchup.


A healthy dinner will stimulate your morning workout and give you a sound sleep.

1. Spaghetti squash is rich in carbohydrates and fibers.
2. Lentil bean pasta is rich in vitamin-B and iron.
3. Potato based pasta is again a good source of carbohydrates and fibers.
4. Baked or boiled mashed potatoes have high carbohydrates and low-fat content. Add a cup of non-fat milk, little water and sprinkle some salt.


It is customary to indulge in something sweet after dinner. Chocolates have been found to act as anti-oxidants, so why not.

What we eat is important, but equally important is how much we eat. If you take six meals in a day, reduce the quantity you take in each meal. A little exercise and control on your diet will definitely keep your body in good shape.

About the Author: If you would like to hire a Personal Trainer in Observatory Hill, or a free Bootcamp session, visit Sydney Boot Camps.

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