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Will Krav Maga Work For You?

Will Krav Maga Work For You?

Submitted by: Avi Moyal

Krav Maga is a martial art people aren't very familiar with and have plenty of questions to ask about. Read on to know what a globally famed Krav instructor has to say about some often asked questions regarding this martial technique.

People often ask me about Krav Maga. Their questions are like – 'Will Krav Maga work for me?' 'Is it as good as they say?' 'Can I really take out a dozen men with it?'

I've a short answer for all these questions – It depends. It depends on who is teaching it. It depends on who is learning it. It depends on the objective.

This explains it all in short. It is to the point, concise and accurate.

But, it is inadequate. Because it does not explain the complexity of the issue. The three statements, though looking simple, are quite complex and complex questions cannot have simple answers. They need elaboration.

Let's take the first answer first – 'It depends on who is teaching it'. An ideal trainer must have three core skills. 1) Profound knowledge of the art and passion to teach it 2) ability to share his/her knowledge and experiences to the trainee without any prejudice 3) They must have ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. I can go on making a long list of trainer skills but they are secondary. These are the three basic essential skills.

Now, the second answer – 'It depends on who is learning it'. Krav is intense and its training should be intense as well, or else it isn't being taught properly. After a few days training, if you feel you are physically capable of the training, the answer is Yes. You Can Do Krav Maga. If you find yourself wanting, you better quit the training.

Take the third one – 'It depends on the objective'. In fact, Krav has just one objective: to make a person ready for street defense, against armed or unarmed attackers. This martial art is a no nonsense street fighting system that focuses on real life violent encounters. It is the hardest of all martial arts and you have to be willing to push yourselves to the limit of your physical capabilities. Often, you will feel fatigued while performing techniques to mimic a possible self defense situation. Krav works your body hard in training to prepare yourselves for the worst street scenario. You must be prepared for it beforehand.

Although Krav does not focus on fitness, it will get you in fighting shape. Being prepared is essential to fight off attackers and escape. Hence, Krav training will get you in excellent shape, though it does not intend that. However, if all you want is strength training or cardio workout, you better consult the personal trainer at the local gym. Krav must only be given a try if you want to learn to defend yourselves.

I hope I have been able to give proper conclusion to the questions. Although there are several organizations across the world conducting Krav training, I would advise you to take the training under a local organization affiliated to International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), the apex body of Krav trainers. It would let you get the real thing that might one day save your life.

About the Author: Author of this article, a famed martial arts instructor, is associated with the International Krav Maga federation (IKMF), is the original most veteran KravMaga organization. Website:

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