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The following is a paid product review for Nutri Maqui which is produced by Nutri Lifescience. When the company approached me to write a product review, I told them I would prepare an unbiased review of their product. Any and all scientific research references, are the sole view of Joseph who is the publisher and administrator of Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). I maintain full editorial independence even when hosting paid product review content.




Cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. These are but a few of the ailments which have affected the human race since the Fall of Creation. As modern science searches for medicines to alleviate the effects of these diseases, regular folks around the globe seek natural remedies.

Thus, when I was approached by Nutri Lifescience to write a product review for the Nutri Maqui health supplement which they would ship to me (they wanted me to try their product then write a product review), I accepted so as to offer my unbiased opinion to folks who are considering nutritional health supplements.

Nutri Lifescience has absolutely no inkling about what I'm about to say, such is Nutri Lifescience's confidence in their product.


What Makes Nutri Maqui Stand Apart From Other Brands On The Market?

Nutri Maqui is a blended health supplement. It combines maqui berries, acai berries, elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and pomegrantes in one supplement bottle.

Maqui berries are native to Chile. For many centuries, the native Indians have been consuming this berry because of its nutritious benefits.


Nutri Maqui Contains Antioxidants Which May Help Prevent Disease

Maqui is known for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants facilitate repairing cellular damage that result from daily wear and tear and thus can be useful in alleviating the effects of diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease.

A report published in Food Chemistry points to an in vivo animal study demonstrating that methanol extracted from maqui berries contained properties that prevented lipid oxidation of heart valves obtained from rats, thereby protecting the animals from life-threatening cardiovascular irregularities.

Research also suggests that maqui berries may have anti-diabetic effects. Scientists have demonstrated that maqui berries can improve glucose uptake in obese mice suffering from hyperglycemia similar to human diabetes.

The results of a small double-blind study also provide evidence of the benefits of maqui berries.  In a study published in Panminerva Medica, researchers demonstrated that maqui berry extract significantly lowered post-grandial glucose levels, compared to volunteers who took placebo.

Antioxidants may help prevent cancer. Cells reproduce through a process known as mitosis. Simply put, one cell divides in half to produce a parent cell and a daughter cell, producing DNA for the new cell. Over time this process causes the shortening of the telomere which is a protective cap at the ends of chromosomal DNA. If the telomere becomes too short, it can lead to cancer.

The results of a study published in Circulation Research points to the dangers that oxidation pose to cellular health. Researchers found that continuous division of endothelial cells led to increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and loss of telomerase activity and subsequent mitochondrial DNA damage.

Mitochondria is a cellular battery; when this battery runs down, the cell eventually dies. The scientists demonstrated that antioxidants reduced ROS formation and prevented damage to mitochondrial DNA.

In essence, the aforementioned studies demonstrate that antioxidants protect against various forms of stress, thereby extending the life of most cells.


What Does This Have To Do With Nutri Maqui?

Well, this health supplement is chock-full of antioxidants; not only from maqui berries but also acai berries, elderberries, blackberries, pomegranates and raspberries all of which may enhance your health.

Nutri Lifescience recommends that consumers drink 1 ounce per day; the specially designed 32 ounce bottle comes with a cap which is engineered to hold 1 ounce of Nutri Maqui, which means that you get a 32 day supply of this nutritious supplement.

For the past twenty days, I've added Nutri Maqui to my morning regimen. I get the Nutri Maqui from the fridge and pour an ounce into the cap and drink it. I enjoy the fruit taste and the fact that it helps boost my energy.

So head over to Nutri Lifescience and order your bottle of nutritious Nutri Maqui today.

US and Canadian customers can order Nutri Maqui directly from the company or through Amazon. Nutri Maqui can also be purchased at select stores located throughout Florida, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

It's important to bear in mind that the antioxidant research I discussed above pertain to lab studies, and one human clinical investigation.

Moreover, the effects of drinking Nutri Maqui are different for each person, some folks begin to feel the benefits within a few days after regularly drinking Nutri Maqui whereas others may experience the benefits within a month or longer.

Buy a bottle of Nutri Maqui and see what this great tasting health product can do for you!



***Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). People should consult their physician before making changes to their diet. The content in this product review article and elsewhere on Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM) is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. People should consult their physician before making changes to their diet.


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