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Lose The Weight And Keep It Off With These Tips For Safe Weight Loss


Lee Dobbins

Excessive weight is quite a common problem for many people in today's fast-paced world. Some may have it at a very early age while some may start struggling with it after childbirth or with advancing age. Regardless of at what age a person may have weight problems, the fact remains that excessive weight is a serious problem. Not only foes it cause unflattering bulges in certain areas of the body, it is also a major health risk. Being overweight is considered as a key factor in a number of serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Being overweight and fat can also have psychological effects as one may find himself unattractive or even ugly because of his excess weight. This may be the reason why a number of techniques and diets have been developed each with a promise of easy, painless and quick weight loss.

One important thing to think about is to lose weight safely. Before embarking on any weight loss program, one must seriously consider its being safe. Weight loss foes not mean being deprived of important nutrients and energy. It is not only with the speed and ease at which weight was lost but how it will be kept off in the end. Unsuccessful attempts may simply cause one to jump from one program to another and to go though a cycle of losing and gaining weight or yo-yo dieting. Yo- yo dieting is in fact dangerous and a major health concern. The key to safely lose the excess weight is to stick to the basics and being consistent.

One step to safe weight loss is controlling your food cravings. Losing weight does not mean not eating entirely or giving up on nutrients or the pleasure of eating. Food craving can cause one to eat in a frenzy a particular food be it chocolate or chips. Stress is one key factor alogn with certain activities. Do not eat while you are doing something else like reading, watching television, or driving. Doing so makes you unaware and unmindful of the type and amount of food you are consuming.

Take time to eat. Safe weight loss does not necessarily mean giving up snacking. Hunger and deprivation can actually drive cravings so keep them at bay by having snacks in between meals. Go for healthy snacks like low fat or sugar free foods such as yogurt, bagels or pretzels. Skipping meals is a definite no-no in safe weight loss. Hunger will only cause you to eat excessively on the next meal so eat small frequent meals instead.

Drink plenty of fluids. Safe weight loss would not be complete without it. Water helps eliminate toxins and waste from the body and helps nutrients to circulate faster. It also helps your skin become clearer and more vibrant.

Safe weight loss, no matter how one may find it harrowing, still boils down to physical activity. Excessive fat would not simply melt away without doing activities. That will burn it and will keep it off. Exercise need not be a difficult activity. It can ne as easy as taking regular brisk walks, jogging or developing a love for a new sport like swimming, tennis or even dancing. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that are also released when one eats. So it can also condition you mentally and at the same time curb your cravings. Exercise also causes you to perspire out toxins and wastes so they could also be eliminated from the body. Not only will you lose weight safely and help keep it off permanently, exercise also promotes healthy and clear skin.

Safely losing weight need not be done at a miraculous pace. The key is to see permanent and positive results without jeopardizing one's health. Remember to lose weight is not only for the sake of looking good and h\feeling better about yourself, ot is more so for the sake of your health.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.lowcarb-resource.com where you can get more weight loss tips.


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