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Some Strategies to Maintain When Eating At a Salad Bar


David Lee

Eating out at salad bar is the latest trend for all health conscious people who want to stay fit and healthy even when coping with the pressures of hectic work schedule. But even as you select a good salad bar food joints to take a quick lunch or dinner in between your work, make sure that you choose the right ingredients and strategies to ensure a proper diet food that is not too high in calories and fat.
Though salad bars are known to provide customers with fresh and clean food items, it is important that you take a look at the helpings too so that your plate do not get loaded with lots of fatty items such as cheese, mayo, meats etc. Here in this article we bring for you some of the prominent strategic tips to follow when eating out at salad bar:
Some Tips to Help You Avoid the Traps of Salad Bar
• Avail a small plate of salad instead of a bigger one. This way you can put a limit on the number of ingredients that you opt for.
• Help yourself to a good serving of foods that are high in nutrient value such as leafy green vegetables.
• Add some fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, broccoli etc to your plate as they are healthy and must have for fitness freak people.
• Eat more protein based foods such as meat, egg, beans, cereals etc so that you eat a balanced diet.
• You can also include small quantity of fat food salad such as cheese salad, pasta salad, potato salad etc to add to the satisfaction of your taste buds.
• Dress your salad with low calorie items rather than nuts, seeds and noodles.
• If you will like to have some soup, it is suggested that you opt for a broth style option rather than the creamy flavors.
• Add some fruits, yogurt or cottage cheese to your salad to make it tasty and healthy completely.
How to Help Yourself to a Proper Salad Meal in Salad Bar
When you pick the ingredients at Salad Bar [] to make yourself a delectable salad, here are some simple steps that can help you eat a healthy diet san the calories and fat that you want to stay away from:
• Get started with a healthy helping of nutrient ingredients for your salad base. You can either opt for the bright leafy lettuce or shredded red cabbage that are rich in potassium.
• Toss in the salad bowl some healthy vegetables such as carrots, peas, broccoli, tomato etc to make it high in nutrient quotient. Make your dish of salad a riot of color which improves your intake of health proportion.
• Say no to extra ingredients such as noodles, pasta, potatoes, cheese and mayonnaise that can add to your fat. Also avoid salad types that are creamy and served with fatty dressings.

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