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How to Cook Your Eggs the Right Way

How to Cook Your Eggs the Right Way

Submitted by: Cedric P Loiselle

Even people who went to cooking school may make mistakes in cooking eggs. These are not terrible mistakes anyway. However, you may try a few suggestions on cooking eggs the better way.

Boiling Eggs

Boiling eggs does not only mean placing eggs in boiling water for ten minutes. You will know the eggs are boiled perfectly when you see a bright yellow yolk. When the yolk has turned pale yellow and its surface turns greenish, it is overcooked.

The best way to boil eggs, use a large pot with space big enough to hold the eggs. Ideally, eggs should not be touching each other. When you fill the pot with water, use just the right amount of water enough to cover all the eggs. To test this, pour water in the pot and place an egg and see that the top of the egg is covered in water. Remove that egg. You will add the eggs when the water boils. Add the eggs gently using a spoon. Don’t drop the eggs carelessly to avoid cracks.

Usually, 8 minutes is enough to cook the eggs right. After 8 minutes, turn off the heat and remove the eggs and place them in cold water. Peel off the shell and serve the eggs.

Your Perfect Omelet

Omelets are not difficult to cook. You can cook an omelet in a small pan. Put a small amount of butter on the surface of the pan. The heat should be moderate so as not to overcook the egg omelet. While waiting for the butter to melt in the pan, crack the eggs and mix them in a bowl with some salt and pepper. When the melted butter starts to hiss, empty the egg mix into the pan. Stir the omelet using a soft spatula and make sure no curds form. Soon the egg becomes semisolid. This time, lift the pan and move it around. Wait until the omelet dries, but do not wait until it becomes brown. Turn off the heat and fold the omelet. Serve it immediately on a platter. To make this omelet more interesting, sprinkle chives.

French Scrambled Egg

There are a few ways to scramble eggs. You might have heard of the French style and the English style and all the other styles people learn in their own kitchens. You may want to try the French scrambled egg this time. It is preferred by many people for its moist consistency.

Put about 30 grams of butter in a large pot. Turn the heat on low setting and allow the butter to melt. Mix about 2-4 eggs in a bowl with ground pepper and salt. Empty the egg mix into the pot and stir it until it thickens. You will notice curds to start appearing. These curds are the cooked parts of the egg mix. Continue to stir it gently until much of the mix turns semisolid. Then, turn off the heat and add a bit more butter and 4 tablespoons of cream. Sprinkle some salt and parsley. Serving it with hot buttered toast would be nice.

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