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Easy, Hassle-free Chicken Recipe

Easy, Hassle-free Chicken Recipe

Submitted by: Ginar Asombrado

Are you always busy working and your routine is work and home only? I know this chicken recipe that I’m going to suggest will make you feel a little or much fulfill with things around. I know everyone of us is looking for a breakfast for an easy and fast track meal is it? Doing breakfast while in the road, walking, travelling, or going to office because it is convenient most especially to youngsters (Young professional) like you! This is what almost all busy individuals most preferred to do. So you already have an idea what am I talking about do you? Yes it is a burger with chicken patty stuffing in it. Now I’m going to share you how to cook this one. So you can tellyour mom, maidservant, or anyone who’s in charge of cooking breakfast to prepare a chicken burger for you most likely when you’re in a hurry. So let’s begin it with its ingredients.

1 kilo Chicken breasts, fine and cleaned

1 piece of egg

1 piece of onion, quartered

¼ cup of milk

½ - ¾ cup of breadcrumbs, watered

¼ cup of all purpose flou

1/2 cheese, grated

1 tbsp hamburger seasoning

½ tsp iodized salt

½ tsp peppe

½ cup of cheese, sliced

½ cup of powdery thickene

2 tbsp catsup

Cooking oil, for later use cooking use

Burger buns, about 7 pcs, or its up to you

Lettuce, sliced

Tomatoes, cut

Cucumber, quartered

Mayonnaise, for padding

How to cook:

Get some bowl and mix chicken, egg, onion, breadcrumb mixture, flour, grated cheese, catsup and seasoning then mix it up and stir it until well combined or blend. Portion it and form a patties-like burger, try to create above 8 pieces or just enough to pair your burger buns, its up to you on how many stuff you make or you can also divide it on how many burger buns you have. Because it will serve as the patty later on. After that, fill with sliced cheese (you can put it on the top part) on every patty you made then cover it with a cornstarch to prevent it from scattering when frying it. Wait it to be chilled and then you can now fry it. Gently settle it in the pan and wait until its golden fried. After frying your chicken burger patties, set it aside or put it on a tissue paper to take out the excess oil and ready your burger buns. Now were going to work with the burger buns, put a mayonnaise on it, you can put it either each side. Next is the lettuce, layer it and then add now the patties, sliced cucumber, and tomatoes. Then it’s done! You can now take it in your lunch box or insert it in a wrapper so you can instantly eat it while in the road.

Note: if you don’t like eating while you’re on the road going to work, you can eat it at the office when you arrive. But of course it’s more delicious to eat while it’s hot.

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