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Research Scientists Are Investigating New Treatments To Prevent Heart Disease



Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women in the United States. In fact, 610,000 people in the US die from cardiovascular disease every year; that's 1 out of every 4 Americans!

Needless to say, our nation needs new treatments for this deadly disease.

This study trial will test the effectiveness of Epanova, a drug already approved by the FDA for treatment of patients with severely high triglycerides to see if it can successfully treat people with moderately high triglycerides.

As a CureClick Ambassador I want to share this information with my readers because it could be helpful for medically treating people who are at risk of heart problems.

For more information visit the research trial sponsor's website.

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Important info you need to know:

Patients must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be currently taking a statin
  • have high cholesterol

Patients must not:

  • have an allergy to fish, shellfish, omega-3 fatty acid, or corn oil
  • currently be on dialysis

The research study will require 13,000 participants, so please see if you qualify.

For those of you whom are not familiar with clinical trials, here's some information that you can use:

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies to determine whether investigational drugs or treatments are safe and effective for humans.

All investigational devices and medicines must undergo several clinical trials, often times these clinical trials require thousands of people.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

People whom are eligible will have access to new investigational treatments that would be available to the general public only upon approval.

People whom are eligible for clinical trials will also receive study-related medical care and attention from clinical staff at research facilities.

Clinical trials offer hope for many people and gives researchers a chance to find better treatment for others in the future.


Disclaimer: I am not participating in this clinical trial. I am providing this information to my readers as a CureClick Ambasssador. Click on the links below to learn about my relationship with Cureclick and why I'm talking about clinical trials.


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