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Coping with Bedwetting

Coping with Bedwetting

Coping with Bedwetting

OK, this whole primary nocturnal enuresis thing has been a barrel of monkeys so far, but frankly, everyone's patience is wearing thin. I never thought it would last so long. It's definitely become more of a marathon than a sprint, and the novelty has worn off for all of us. My son's tired of the routine - wake up, clean up, strip the bed. And I'm wondering when he'll reach the magical age where he'll stay dry. We've got the routine down pat - but just like many things in life, the routine is old.

With Bigger Kids Comes a Bigger Problem

What happens when your child outgrows the biggest size of Good Nites at the grocery store, but isn't big enough for adult bedwetting products like Depends? Well, being an online savvy mom, of course you start looking online - that's what you do. Of couse, just like with any internet purchase, you've got a lot of questions the first time around. How do I find a reliable bedwetting supply store? How do I know I'm ordering the right product? What if it doesn't work? What if it doesn't fit? How many should I get? Is your head swimming yet?

Without a whole lot of searching, I found a site selling Tranquility brand products. You buy them by the case - great, because I don't want to have to do this too often. They're supposed to be much more absorbent than the pull-ups you can get at a store. They've got to really beat the heck out of the store brands we've tried, which were a complete waste of money. They even offer a free trial - you just pick the size you want and ask for a sample. Our sample came within just a couple of days - very speedy!

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Are you smart enough to learn from my mistake? Read on! The only trick is - and I messed this up big time - actually measuring your child before you order. It sounds so easy, so simple - right? In fact, it sounds so easy that you'll be tempted to skip this step. After all, you're a mom; you know your child, right? I know his weight, but had no clue about his waist size. Took a guess (guessed wrong!) and gave it a shot. Also, you've got to be careful to order pull-ups (as opposed to diapers) if that's what you want. Since I was on a roll with messing the whole thing up, I ordered a sample diaper - a way too small sample diaper, in fact.

How'd it go? Well, how do you think it went? How would you like to get a potentially very exciting package in the mail, only to find out it was a diaper sample? Then to have your mom insist it'll fit, but it turns out to be way too small? Then to try it on, trusting that your mom would never ask you to do something ridiculous - but learn otherwise?

My son is finally speaking to me again after this disaster. We can laugh about it now... maybe.

So, the hunt continues. We'll definitely give it another shot, and I'll do my best to ensure there's no operator error this time around. I'll use an actual measuring tape - no guesstimating. I'll double-check the order. And we may have found the perfect product. Next up, another round of bedwetting alarms!

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