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Tools to Deal Bedwetting Dilemma

Tools to Deal Bedwetting Dilemma

Tools to Deal Bedwetting Dilemma

If your family is dealing with a bed wetter beyond 3 or 4 years of age, then you know how frustrating, intrusive and embarrassing this problem can be. At our house we have lost countless hours of sleep dealing with nocturnal accidents. Even so, I am glad to be a parent dealing with this problem today rather than 50 years ago. Through my son's struggles with bedwetting, my own anxiety, and research, I have been able to find solutions to deal with a lot of the related issues.

Cover All Your Bases

My first bit of wisdom is to be prepared. Use a rubber sheet on any bed that your child might sleep in. Also, there are both girl pull ups and boy pull ups in larger sizes that can get everybody through the night with a minimal loss of sleep. Of course, you will need to take your child's feelings into consideration. If your 8 year old feels that a pull up diaper is just for babies, you really need to sort that out.

Make sure she or he understands that bedwetting is usually hereditary, and the result of sleeping very soundly. Your child shouldn't think it is something he or she did wrong. In fact, pull up diapers can sometimes provide a great solution to the whole bedwetting issue. My son sleeps like a rock to this day. So he discreetly packs a pull up diaper when he goes on overnights with friends, or to my Dad's house. No one else is aware of it, but if he didn't have that insurance, I doubt he would have the confidence or desire to ever spend the night away from home.

There are brands of pull up diapers that let the child feel a bit of wetness to help them get used to the sensation, and possibly to wake up. So you can even use this as a training tool. My favorite thing about items like pull up diapers and waterproof mattresses is that I don't become an angry and sleep deprived monster.

Plan for Success

I know, we are never supposed to make our kids feel bad for having accidents, but when I've been woken up four times in one week, my patience is stretched to a limit. For me, I know that if I plan for accidents to happen I will have less grief and anger. But I also know that I need to keep my eye on long-range solutions, and just remember that he will eventually out grow this.

Because we continue to deal with the incontinence problem, I have become very proactive in seeking out answers and products to help me deal with it. The answer will be different with every child. While my son seems to do all right with just the Goodnites at this point, I know that if he starts to rebel against wearing the pull up products, we will probably try a bed wet alarm or sleep dry alarm. My ultimate words of wisdom to you are to take advantage of the tools, resources, and products that are available to help you and your child with the bedwetting situation. Being prepared will help you to keep a cool head, and having the right tools on hand will help minimize your child's reaction to bedwetting occurrences.

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