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Guide to buying a boat

Guide to Buying a Boat

Guide to buying a boat

By: Patrick Altoft

Buying a second-hand boat has its pitfalls. To help you protect your legal rights and be aware of some of the common issues Noble Marine have produced this guide to buying a boat.
Please note that we have only addressed the legal aspects of the subject and advise that you should also satisfy yourself that the boat is seaworthy before you consider buying.

Looking for a boat?
The Noble Marine boats for sale database has over 3000 boats for sale. Each boat has a desciption and photos of the boat so you can look around before you contact the seller.

Wondering what boat to buy?
In addition to this boat and dinghy buyers guide you may wish to make use of our dinghy database or interactive boat finder where you can compare statistics of over 300 classes and view suggestions on similar classes to the type you are interested in.

Unlike a car there isn't a legal registration document tracking the ownership, in fact unless you want to take your boat abroad, you are not required to register your boat at all and many people don't, so checking that the person selling the boat actually owns the boat and that there are no outstanding loans secured on the boat can be difficult.

Before you consider buying a boat you should visit to see if the boat for sale, or a similar one, has been reported stolen. If a boat is not listed on the site it doesn't mean that it is not stolen.

If you buy privately, you won't be protected legally if the craft has a hidden history or faults. It's up to you to ask the right questions and to satisfy yourself that the boat is in good condition before you buy.

Buying a used boat is essentially a case of 'Buyer Beware'. The onus is on you to make sure the craft is sound, it's a good idea to get an qualified marine surveyor or boat builder to give the craft a thorough inspection.

When viewing a boat you should satisfy yourself that the vendor is knowledgeable about the boat and has a legitimate reason for the sale. Ask yourself whether the price is similar to other boats on the market - if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. You should always arrange to view the boat at the seller's home address and never in a car park or other public location.

It is important to check whether the boat has been involved in any accidents or has any large repairs carried out. Most repairs will be guaranteed for 12 months so it is worth finding out the date of the repair and the repairers details in case of any future problems.

Once you are satisfied that the seller is genuine and have agreed an acceptable price you will need to arrange to make payment for the boat. This is usually carried out by bankers draft or a cash payment can be made. Occasionally the seller may be happy to accept another method of payment but you should be willing to use whichever method they suggest.

The only legal terms that cover a private sale contract are:

  • the seller must have the right to sell the craft
  • the craft should not be misrepresented
  • it should match its description

When the sale is complete you should always draw up a buyers contract so that each party can sign and keep a copy. This will act as your purchase receipt and will prove that you are the new owner of the boat.

Noble Marine have prepared a sample buyers contract for use in private boat sales. It is always important to keep the purchase receipt and the previous owners details - you may need to prove ownership or contact the previous seller in the future.

If the vessel was home built or if you are considering buying outside the EEA, you will also need to be aware of the Recreational Craft Directive requirements.

The VAT status of a second hand yacht is also important, as your vessel needs to have VAT paid status to be allowed free transit throughout the EU.

Useful Links:


Author Bio
Patrick Altoft is an insurance expert with Noble Marine - a specialist insurance broker providing boat insurance for most types of pleasure craft. Policies and claims are dealt with in-house, by knowledgeable staff, giving unequalled levels of service.

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Reasons Why People Are Overweight

Reasons Why People Are OverweightReasons Why People Are Overweight by by Jill Smi

Why are we overweight? This question has been asked many times and we all have different answers. The most common is because we eat too much, especially junk food, and exercise less. It is easy to say, I will lose weight and keep it off. Reality is that when we eat more calories than we can use for energy, our bodies store fat. The issue is whether we are seriously committed to change our lifestyle, adopt healthier habits and exercise more. After we gain weight, we find difficulty losing it. There is hope. Increasing our fat burning metabolism will help us lose weight.

Most people have tried many diets, such as quick weight loss diets with the hope of loosing that unwanted fat, yet failed to keep the weight off. Why? Because quick diets are not the answer. Think for a moment, we did not gain all that weight in one week, but gradually, right? Therefore, we can lose that unwanted fat gradually and keep the weight off. This is why it is so hard to lose fat and to stay slim with those quick weight loss diets. Some of these diets are so extreme that leave you feeling hungry, weak, and the end is that instead of promoting a healthy eating habit to lose weight, you end up cheating and eating until you satisfy those cravings. Back to our original question, why are we overweight? People are overweight for different reasons: eating too much, lack of exercise, slow fat burning metabolism, retaining water, eating too late, eating unconsciously while watching TV, eating the wrong foods. We tend to eat for emotional reasons too, as we relate food as calming our nerves. Sound familiar? Sure, we feel fine while eating, but is this the answer to calm our nerves? No. Definitely not. Anxiety can drive us to eat more and see food as an ideal comfort.

How to resolve the overweight issue?

First, we recommend you take a conscious decision of examining your eating habits and consult a physician to check your health before starting any nutritional program and exercise plan.

Second, keep a daily record of what you eat, drink at least 8 glasses of water, have green tea to increase your metabolism, consume lots of vegetables and fresh fruit, avoid junk food and heavy sugary products.

Third, learn to say no when friends or family members offer you second or third servings.

Fourth, keep a firm decision and a positive attitude to lose that unwanted weight, visualize the new you.

Fifth, contact friends who will encourage you to lose weight and motivate you when feeling down. There is always someone ready to keep you motivated.

Whenever you feel eating for anxiety, think twice. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, "am I really hungry or is just an emotional excuse?" Instead of eating impulsively, try to drink water or have a cup of green tea, go out for a walk, or contact one of your friends for motivation.

Remember you are not alone; there are many people trying to lose weight and helping each other is the most valuable tool. Others have lost weight and kept the weight off. I did it, so can you! Believe in yourself, you are special.

Learn about arthritis cures and temporal arthritis at the Health And Nutrition site.

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The Benefits of Abdominal Toning for Women

The Benefits of Abdominal Toning for WomenThe Benefits of Abdominal Toning for Women by by Machelle Lee

Abdominal toning for women isn't just about getting that six pack look - it's about creating better health for your body. While it might seem to be an exercise in vanity, you can reap far more benefits than just a more shapely set of abs. Because willpower isn't always the easiest thing to muster, you need the reasons why abdominal toning for women is so good for you. Maybe that will send you to the gym more often.

The first benefit of abdominal toning for women is that you get to decrease the mass of your abdomen. While the exercises themselves can not reduce the size of a stomach, they can add muscle mass which will then increase your fat-burning power. Each pound of muscle that you add to your body needs more energy to maintain itself, so when you do abdominal exercises (as well as other weight bearing exercises), you can increase this muscle mass and help to speed up the unveiling of your abs.

Another concern for many women is the prevention of injuries. And abdominal toning for women can help in that as well. By helping to strengthen your core, you're not only going to get in shape, but you will also help support the opposing muscles in the lower back. Since the lower back is the site for most everyday injuries, performing abdominal exercise is the best form of prevention. Try adding abdominal training to your workout routines to see just how much stronger your back becomes. At the same time, you will also learn to stand up taller, which will make you look sleeker.

When you are stressed out, abdominal toning for women can also come in handy for your health. Many people that become anxious are stressed on the long term. This creates a release of cortisol in the body which then can contribute to deep layers of abdominal fat. When you start to add muscle to your body, you can help to offset this cortisol release and thus this dangerous fat. This fat has been linked to a number of cancers as well as heart conditions that can lead to premature death in women.

With abdominal toning for women, you can increase your health by simply adding a few more minutes onto your exercise routine. Though the results will take some time to reveal themselves and you will have to add a cardio workout routine as well, your health will thank you for the effort.

Machelle Lee owns and operates, The Invisible Gym in Santa Cruz, CA. Her mission is to inspire people to become physically active and enjoy the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. For more information and questions you can visit her website.

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Common Issues To Look For When Your Roof Is Leaking

Common Issues To Look For When Your Roof Is LeakingCommon Issues To Look For When Your Roof Is Leaking by by Leeanne Kunnert

When you are looking to find where a leak is coming from on your homes roof you may be overwhelmed at first. Although know two roofs are alike there are still some commonalities when it comes to leakage issues. There are a few common places that roofing contractor's checkout first when homeowners mention that their roofs are leaking. Below we will discuss what to look for if you should experience a leak in your roof.


Flashing is an essential element in roofing. It is the metal piece that is used to attach vents and other ducting on the surface of the roof. The metal flashing will most likely need to be replaced before the homes roof because as it ages it can crack and corrode. Roof flashing is the number one point of failure on a roof and therefore should be the first place you inspect you suspect your roof is leaking. Normal repair costs for flashing repairs on your homes roof usually range between ten and twenty dollars.

Vertical Slits

Another common place to look when you are experiencing a leak in your homes roof is the vertical slit between the shingles. Water freely flows between the vertical slits in the shingles and thus causes corrosion. This in turn can lead to a leak in the roof.

Missing Granules

All shingling is covered with an exterior stony coating. This extra layer of coating on the shingle adds protection against ultra-violet rays. When the stony coating starts to wear off the asphalt shingle it becomes exposed to the elements. If you begin to notice bare spots in the shingling it is important to replace them before it becomes a problem. If the bare spots in the shingling are left untreated water can start to cause water to pool and a leak to occur.


Skylights are a great way to let in the natural daylight however they are also a major contributor to leaks. Water is allowed to run down the slop of the roof hitting the flat upper edge of the skylight getting trapped in there. Another thing that can occur is cracking in the skylight. Sealant to correct the issue costs about five dollars. If the flashing is the cause of the leak it can cost anywhere between twenty five to eight dollars to replace.

If there is a leak it is important to address the cause of the problem before fixing the effects of the leak. Chimneys are also another source of where leaks occur as well as the valleys in the roof. If you are unable to locate the leak on your own call in a professional roofer to assist you evaluate the problem before the roof repair turns into roof replacement.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs. You will find them at today.

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Test Whether Your Dog Is Ready To Train And Fun Ways To Train Your Dog

Test Whether Your Dog Is Ready To Train And Fun Ways To Train Your Dog

Test Whether Your Dog Is Ready To Train And Fun Ways To Train Your Dog

By: Jonathan Cheong

Coming when called is a vital skill that every dog must learn, both for its own safety and that of those around it. A disobedient dog that refuses to come when called could easily be hit by a car, get into a fight with another dog, or suffer a variety of other bad experiences.

A well trained dog that comes when called can safely be taken out to play in the local park, at the beach, on the hiking trail, or anywhere else the owner and dog may wish to go.

Basic training to come when called is relatively easy and straightforward, and involves providing praise, treats and other perks when the dog does as his owner wants. After these basic come when called training exercises are mastered, there are a number of fun exercises that can be introduced to challenge the dog and pique its interest.

Making training into a fun game is one of the best ways to motivate dog and handler alike. It is easy for training sessions to become routine and boring, and it is important to keep them from degenerating into this state.

Before beginning any food based training exercise, it is important to make sure that the dog is properly motivated and ready to respond to treat based training. Testing the dog is simply a matter of taking a piece of his regular food and waving it in front of the dog's nose. If the dog shows great enthusiasm for the food, it is ready to start the training. If not, it is best to wait until the dog is in a more receptive mood.

The treats that work best for treat based training games like hide and seek are cut up quarter inch or smaller pieces of chicken, cheese or liver. In other words, something your dog will love. It is best to use very small pieces to avoid overfeeding the dog during he training sessions.

One great game for you and another family member or friend to play with your dog is simply back and forth recall. This is a great exercise for teaching your dog to come whenever it is called by a member of the family. Dogs often learn to only respond to one person, and this can be a problem when other people are watching the dog.

That is one reason why professional dog trainers always insist on working with the owner as well as the dog. A well trained dog must learn to respond to whoever is in charge, not just the owner or usual handler.

In the back and forth recall game, two or more people stand approximately ten yards apart, in a safe place like a fenced in yard. One person calls the dog and asks him to sit and say until another person asks the dog to come.

When the dog responds to the command to come, it is rewarded with a treat. Most dogs respond wonderfully to this exercise and love playing this game. When playing the back and forth recall game, it is important that only the person who called the dog be allowed to give the dog a treat.

After the dog has mastered the back and forth recall game, the humans in the game can start to spread further out, thus turning the back and forth recall game into a fun game of hide and seek. The hide and seek game starts with two or more people in the center room of the house. Every time they call the dog to come, they spread out further away from where they started.

As the game continues, one person will be at one end of the house, while another may be at the opposite end. What makes the hide and seek game so much fun for the dog is that he must seek out the person to get the treat, instead of simply running up to a person in plain sight.

This type of seeking behavior appeals to many of the dog's natural instincts. After all, dogs are naturally hunting animals, and seeking out food is second nature to them.


Author Bio
Discover How You Can Train Your Dog With Effective Results In Less Than 1 Week Using Proven Simple Steps For FREE!

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Going The Extra Mile to Business Success

Going The Extra Mile to Business Success

Going The Extra Mile to Business Success

By: Kevin Sinclair

You cannot fail when you give more than 100 percent. In whatever endeavour you are doing, always give more than one hundred percent. You will find that whenever you do this, your rewards will always be far greater than the extra effort you expended. Some people refer to this success concept as going the extra mile. What it means is that you need to give people more than they expect.

If you are working in your business and want to see it grow, the surest way to achieve it is by giving more. Customers are impressed when they discover a business that is innovative and gives them more than what they expected. Look for better and more efficient ways to do things. For example, make it easy to order from your site. Reduce the number of clicks to get to relevant information about your product or the order form.

Don't be afraid of giving information for free. This is a crucial step in the online world to building credibility and trust. A free report or a sample (or extract) from your information product will enable your potential customer to determine whether what you are offering is what they are looking for.

Always include some free (but valuable) bonuses with every product ordered. This also promotes the perception of getting more than what was paid for. In some cases, I have purchased products on the net because the free bonuses interested me more than the main product.

Ensure that your product delivery is quick and efficient. If you sell an information product, ensure that the customer can download it as soon as they have paid for it. Provide alternative download formats and locations so that all needs are catered for. Follow up a couple of days later to ensure they received their products without problems. If they had problems, resolve them straight away and provide an additional bonus to compensate for their inconvenience.

If your product needs to be shipped, provide your customer with alternative shipping methods. You customer can then choose how quickly their order is to be delivered and they can pay for the faster alternatives. Again, follow up to ensure they received their order on time and without problems.

Go the extra mile with customer complaints. This is an excellent opportunity to turn a disgruntled buyer into a life long supporter of your business. Acknowledge problems and resolve them quickly. Thank the customer for making you aware of them. You can be sure that if one customer has had a problem, then others have also had the same problem too.

For those working directly with customers, always give them more than they expect and you will generate more sales. Sometimes just giving a big, warm smile and courteous attention to the customers' requirements are all that is required. In the online world, prompt attention to email and courteous responses will boost your reputation and your sales. Spend the time to determine the customers' need and then you will be in a position to satisfy it. I stress to you be sure to concentrate on satisfying the customers need.

Have you ever been into a store and everyone is glum and does not want to serve you? Do you feel inclined to buy from them? No. But go into a store where they seem glad to see you and willing to help you and you feel far more like buying their products. The same applies to the online world. A well-designed web site with easy access to information will yield greater results. Make your web site user friendly!

Don't sit around waiting for people to buy. Ensure that your marketing communications ask for the order! Encourage responses through offering a strong guarantee. When someone makes a claim under your guarantee, honour it. This is part of the trust building process.

Make the effort to develop additional skills in your spare time. Studying about leadership or how to motivate people will always be of help in building your business. There is always something new to be learnt when it comes to dealing with people and influencing them to buy.

However, never lose sight of your most important task right now - keeping your existing customers satisfied.


Author Bio
Article by Kevin Sinclair, CPA, of Personal & Business Success Resources. Visit his website at

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 12



Last Monday, I did multiple sets of the barbell floor press exercise. Here are the results of the workout.


Monday, December 18, 2017
no warm-up set
As you can see, I came close to completing the number of reps that I had planned for, but I could have done better. I also did horizontal cable rows, seated overhead presses, and one arm dumbbell rows and stationary dumbbell holds. After I finished my barbell floor press last set of the week, I mixed up the rest of the workout i.e. I did one set of rows, presses, etc. then went back and started on the second set until I had completed five sets per exercise.
We're now entering the holiday season, and the gym will be on limited hours starting on Monday, but I'll try to get in some floor presses at 260x3x3. I'll keep you posted.
But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14
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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?
"Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 12" copyright © 2017 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). Are you?


Winter Carp Fishing Bait And Recipe Tips!

Winter Carp Fishing Bait And Recipe Tips!

Winter Carp Fishing Bait And Recipe Tips!
By Tim F. Richardson

Get ahead this winter with these unusual and insightful tips based on 30 years of winter fishing experiences and big carp captures and make your ready-made baits and homemade baits catch many more big fish!

Very viscous and extremely soluble substances are very effective at catching more carp in cold conditions! Obviously highly soluble substances such as alcohol flavours are highly effective in winter, yet other substances that are less soluble are also very useful in achieving bites, most especially if they are emulsified or partly emulsified using liquid lecithins. Terpenes, oleoresins and essential oils etc are all proven winter winners.

Glycerol or glycerine is a very useful substance because it mixes with water in effect 100 percent, and many successful flavours are based on it. Alcohol flavours too are highly water-soluble so will travel easily from your bait, so forming a concentration gradient that carp can home in on. Personally, I find mixing glycerol and alcohol-based flavours with ones primarily natural ester-based or others, natural or nature-identical, or diacetin types, are very successful.

You can even boost a propylene glycol based flavour by cutting it with vodka (at home not on the bank preferably.) many things can be used to alter conventional concentrated flavours including natural raspberry puree, and a probiotic agent such as marmite.

Marmite is very rich in taste-enhancing factors for instance slats and glutamine. Adding Talin as an electrostatic carrier and also further soluble sweeteners, taste enhancers and palatants etc help produce very unique homemade flavours but this aspect is so huge I have written a book on it! I have been doing this kind of experimentation for my baits, both homemade and ready-made, since the seventies because it works so incredibly well particularly in cold water conditions.

But of course concentrated flavours are not the only useful substances; and some substances can be too soluble and actually leach out of baits too fast as they have infinite solubility, as in the case of glycerol dominated flavours, for example. It is wise to try mixing flavours and other substances so your flavours all leach out at different rates, leaving some concentrated attraction in the proximity of the bait. Using pure glycerine, vodka, and a mixture of concentrated sweetener and molasses and marmite, soluble fish protein and lactose, for instance, is a little bit alternative and produces different effects and impacts at different ranges.

For an easy homemade method or stick-type mixes, just make a breadcrumb based fluffy mixture dampened with your unique liquids to produce a ground bait mixture that will disperse easily, releasing soluble attraction and food particles into the water column and attract carp like mad! Using anything, from hemp oil, essential oils and fruit oils etc in your mix will get particles to pull fish down from upper layers better as the oil will tend to rise in water. Maybe add crushed tiger nuts (chufas) too as this will leave an oily layer on the bottom that will easily rise up when disturbed by fish and will excite them further still!

An easy way to make an alternative, highly over-flavoured area for winter fishing is to mix breadcrumbs with the old favourite Nesquick powdered milk shake. I really like using extra sweetened oils of many forms, provided they are mixed with liquid lecithins, but I advise you to avoid bulk fish and marine oils that simply solidify in low temperatures - test in the fridge or outside overnight using a thermometer if you are unsure.

While actually fishing and testing oils, I have found a thermometer placed in oils in a pot in the water is quite enlightening! This is especially since doing my bait kitchen video for CC Moore TV and researching more in my practical fishing for my unique Crafty Carper magazine Carp Food Column.

Fruit oils are easily available online, and you do not always have to go to fishing bait companies for something slightly different or alternative; after all, that is one of the greatest proven edges in carp fishing! Besides using any oils, I seriously recommend using the high PC liquid lecithin from Phil at CW Baits (online) as this will improve bait performance dramatically and increase digestion of baits as well as add further feeding triggers and nutrition to your baits!

Test any oil you use in your winter baits to check that it does not solidify in the lake water temperatures you will be fishing in. this might sound very obvious after all just how much harder is it for a fish to detect a bait that is simply a ball of fat, compared to a finding a bait that is very actively releasing oils that can easily disperse in the water? For example, in cold water, avoid using salmon oil, and use very viscous hemp oil, maybe with added liquid lecithins and maybe essential oils based on clove, cinnamon or chilli for example.

In really low winter temperatures, solubility really is a great factor that can be leveraged, and in such conditions it is often pointless using a conventional boiled bait coated in paste, when you can use paste on the rig and know every part of your bait really is working for you (and is not rendered ineffective due to being sealed inside coagulated protein formed by heating of the bait!)

I will not go into which bait products to use here because there are so many excellent ones for winter and spring fishing to choose from but one key aspect in choosing substance is how well they will disperse in water - and most especially in cold water! To find this out just get samples and mix them with cold water. In a way it is like testing salt against betaine crystals or whole milk powders against various caseins, semolina or maize flour - or against malt extract, for instance.

Just one example of a really good winter trick is to make a paste using CC Moore Feedstim XP Liquid, their Feedstim XP powder, their Belachan powder, pure betaine and liquid Red Venom, stiffened with good old whole meal wheat flour. Notice that no egg is used in this paste as you might in making boilies, as this bait can be as water-soluble as you like and will last longer in very low winter temperatures! Add milk powders in this bait for improved nutritional stimulation.

Milky baits break down and cloud water thus stimulating fish sight feeding behaviours! It is cheaper to use Vitamealo and Five Pints milk powders than caseins, whey proteins and caseinates however remember that using higher quality protein can really pay off especially for bigger fish! Revealed in my unique ready-made bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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(The innovative bait and fishing author and bait consultant Tim Richardson is a big carp and catfish angler of over 35 years experience and has been writing, researching and testing material for articles and fishing secrets ebooks for 6 years full-time and helped anglers in 70 plus countries catch new personal best fish.)

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living - We Are Not Getting Any Younger

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living - We Are Not Getting Any Younger

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living - We Are Not Getting Any Younger
By Beverleigh H Piepers

This is not going to be a newsflash, but you probably do not think about it enough. You are not getting any younger. Indeed, with each passing day, we are all getting older which means we all have less time to waste.

In the grand scheme of things, you could begin to think about what you need to do in this life. What...

  • you still want to accomplish,
  • places you want to see, and the
  • people you would like to spend more time with.

Think about these things if you like, but don't forget about your health. In the context of aging, there is nothing more important than your health to consider. As you get older your odds do not get better: you become more vulnerable to various diseases. Prevention becomes more difficult, and treatment a lengthier process.

While you will likely have more wisdom and resources than you did when you were younger, you will need to make a lot more effort to recover your health than you would have when you were young. There is a significant price to pay for neglecting your health in middle age. Unfortunately, many people realize this when it is a little too late.

With the above in mind, it would be wise to start thinking about the current state of your well-being...

  • how is your health today?
  • are you troubled by any particular health issue?

Being overweight on its own is a problem. High blood sugar and high blood pressure readings are other common issues, not to mention having poor cardiovascular health. If you are in middle age, there is a good chance you could improve at least one of these areas. Even if you are not obese or have Type 2 diabetes, you still need to pay attention to your weight and blood sugar. Statistically, the majority of people will run into problems in these areas at some point. It is ideal to prepare and prevent than attempt to treat something that could take years to undo.

If you do not know it yet, at some point, you will realize how precious your health is. Often we tend to take what we have for granted:

On another but still similar note, you may have wondered how some people seem to look much younger than their age. It is not the passing of time that has been especially good to them. While there could be some coincidence or genetic factor involved, it is more than likely because they have taken care of themselves. In many ways, appearance is a reflection of internal health which means you get the added benefit of investing in how you look by being mindful of your lifestyle choices.

You are going to age no matter what. Might as well ensure it is as smooth a process as it can be.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

For nearly 25 years, Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found a number of secrets to help you build a healthy body. Go to to learn about some of those secrets.

The answer isn't in the endless volumes of available information but in yourself.

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Self Defense Tips For Women

Self Defense Tips For WomenSelf Defense Tips For Women by by Jasmine Stone

Self defense tips for women. Are you at risk? What makes a woman a perfect target? Here are 7 ultimate techniques and weaknesses criminals who were interviewed look for to take advantage of you. These tips aren't just for the busy holidays either. It's all about keeping your awareness all year round. Follow these tips and you can protect yourself from becoming one of this year's next statistics.
1. Coming up to my vehicle, did I look around - aware of who is near it? Am I walking my packages in a cart or carrying them in my hand? Criminals interviewed say they want to attack the woman who is walking alone and not aware of her surroundings. Always put shopping bags in a cart. This allows you ample time to react if someone is approaching you. If you're carrying bags, this renders your hands useless to protect yourself and gives a criminal a bonus. Remember... the buddy system. Late night shopping always needs to be a 'girl's night out' affair.

2. Are my keys already in my hand before leaving the store giving me self defense protection? Again, awareness plays a huge part. Also, with a key in hand, it can be a terrific weapon if you're suddenly grabbed.

3. Am I talking on the cell phone ...fixing my hair... counting my change... writing in the checkbook...and not paying attention? Paying attention is the key. Take care of all that 'stuff' in the store. NOT in the parking lot, or outside of the vehicle.

4. Is there anyone loitering around my vehicle... if so... are they suspicious enough to making me go back into the store? Don't think your being silly. NO SUCH THING. Especially when your safety is on the line. If you're not comfortable with walking to your car, ask security to accompany you or if there isn't security available, a store manager will do it - it is their job. That's what they are getting paid to do.

5. Is my vehicle in a well-lit area? Is it easily visible to passer-bys? If I can't see my car really well, who can? Criminals say they do not want to be noticed, recognized, or slowed down in any way. If you're not easily seen by others at a mall or store, that makes you a perfect target for a criminal.

6. If I have automatic keyless entry, did I hit the unlock button twice ... making it easy for someone to get into my passenger side door? Get into the habit of opening just your driver's side door. New technology is wonderful when you're with others, loading packages, during the day. But, at night when your field of vision is limited, don't take any chances. Criminals are hoping that you'll make their job easier for them.

7. If I am approached by someone - no matter how much help I need, it's OK to turn them down. Remember, criminals will do and say anything they can to gain your trust. DON"T FALL FOR IT!!! If a stranger wants to help you with your bags, tell them no, thank you. If they still insist, tell them no again. Criminal interviews revealed that they will try to play on a victim heartstrings to get access to the vehicle, a purse, or for the vehicle keys - and move-in for the attack when trust is gained and it's at least expected.

If you are unable to load packages into your vehicle, ask help from the store - they would be glad to help. It's their job.

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