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Building an Energy-conscious Home

Building an Energy-conscious HomeBuilding an Energy-conscious Home by by Cliff Lewis

When building a new house, most people like to think that the structure will stand for a long time, that the home will be a lasting, sustainable one. What many people fail to consider, however, is whether their home will be sustainable in the ever-shifting energy market, and alongside its natural environment. With an uncertain future, it is important stay ahead of the curve by building your home as green as reasonably possible. The following are a few points to remember through the course of your planning process:


A poorly insulated foundation can account for 33% of a home's heat loss. This means more wasted energy and more wasted cash. For maximum insulation, seek out a builder that will use precast foundation technology. Such a foundation will largely eliminate small openings in the wall's surface and will thus largely eliminate heat leakage.


The energy-efficient possibilities of a window are twofold: First, a properly insulated, EnergyStar-approved window can keep the inside temperature where it belongs, significantly conserving the energy used to heat and cool your home. Second, a large and spacious window allows the inflow of daylight, which reduces the energy you consume for household lighting. A helpful rule of thumb is that - of your home should be reached by natural light.


The location of a home has a lot to do with its energy efficiency. Think about it: If you build yourself a "green" home on an endangered wildlife reserve and then drive 100 miles to work everyday, how green are you really? When building a new home, strive to build on a lot that has already been developed for some time; avoid cutting into untainted open spaces. To save on gas consumption, find a location where many of your daily needs are only a walk or short drive away!

Water Efficiency

This last point is not specifically about energy, but it is no less important. Fresh groundwater is not an unlimited resource. Help sustain the water supply in your by purchasing water-saving fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen.

You want your new home to last a lifetime. Make sure that that lifetime is a clean, healthy, and affordable one: Build energy-conscious.

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