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Apple Banana Smoothie for a Wholesome Breakfast

Apple Banana Smoothie for a Wholesome BreakfastApple Banana Smoothie for a Wholesome Breakfast by by Melissa Roy

6 medium-sized apples, red ones only
3 honey bananas (small and freckled preferably)
3 peeled frozen bananas
3 spoons of white sugar
¼ cup of plain yogurt

In order to prepare for this exuberant beverage, these are the ingredients which are necessary for the preparation of a delicious apple banana smoothie.

First, peel the apples and run them into the juicer. Collect the apple residue from the retaining basin and run it again by the juicer in order to maximize the sap extraction. Peel off the honey bananas and insert them into the blender together with frozen ones. It is unnecessary to cut them into smaller pieces as the honey bananas are quite petite and soft.

Pour the quarter cup of plain yogurt into the mix. Blend the ingredients for a good 45 seconds. Next add the extracted juice and include white sugar into the blender and merge the mix together for about 30 seconds.

This serving can be added with shaved ice as this would add a chilled sensation to the beverage. Originally this serving is adequate for three people and can be blended together with ice cubes. As for the sugar measurements, the quantity can be controlled according to personal preference or replaced by honey altogether, to add energy to the beverage. The ingredients can be halved or quartered according for individual consumption.

The quest to wake up in time to get to work is better encouraged with a supplemented nourishing breakfast as naturally people are sluggish in the morning. A productive person would want to be part of an efficient working environment and the key in achieving a prolific lifestyle.
A smoothie is often mistaken for milkshake although the two are quite similar ingredients-wise. Milkshakes usually offer additional health dosage such as egg whites and protein powder. However an apple-banana smoothie packs all the required fruit fibers and calories in just a few easy steps.

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