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Real Achievers

Real Achievers by by Sandra Prior

At the age 0f 17, I had lost all desire to carry on. Weighing a massive 115kg and wearing size 44, I was depressed, angry and lacked self confidence. I should have been enjoying my high school years, but I was so self conscious about my weight, I constantly felt overwhelmed by self pity.

Soon everything was affected and my downward spiral started. I failed five out of my six subjects, and increasingly withdrew from society, isolating myself from family, friends and teachers.

I soon realized that I had reached the point of no return � if I didn�t take drastic action, my whole life was going to be drastically affected. I put much more effort into my studies, and after a long, hard slog achieved my degree. As my self confidence increased, I lost my fear, and decided to change my whole life by losing weight and eating correctly. This simple decision was the best I ever made.

I found the best way of sticking to my new regime was to take one step at a time � not focusing on the path behind or ahead of me, but watching my feet directly below me. As I did this, my patience and confidence gradually grew.

I joined the gym and started with cardio work, but tried to vary my training to avoid boredom by using different machines and alternating going to the gym with power walking outdoors.

When I worked out with weights, I trained using a light intensity for a longer duration in order to burn fat effectively and trained different muscle groups on different days to avoid fatigue. By combining two toning workouts with 3 � 5 hour long cardio workouts a week, I soon started seeing results.

On the food side, I cut all sweets, chocolate and junk food out of my diet, and ate more proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. I drink at least two liters of water per day. My patience was soon rewarded. Each day passed slowly and with each kilogram I shed, life transformed dramatically � my self confidence soared and I began to believe in myself again. Two years later, I�ve not only lost 40kg but I also love my 75kg body.

My own experience has inspired me to help others. I now thrive on the satisfaction I get from motivating other people to achieve their physical goals. I firmly believe in the power of exercise as a stress reliever and solution to weight loss.

When training with weights, rather do light intensity sessions for longer. Once your body is used to long, grueling workouts, you can add heavy weights to build, shape and tone. Remember, heavy weights build muscle. Weight training also increases bone density, which is very important for women over the age of 30.

Last year I enrolled to study to become a personal trainer. I am living proof that healthy eating habits, positive motivation and regular exercise can help to change your life. I feel great and refuse ever to go back to my old ways. I�m happier than I�ve ever been and believe it�s possible for anyone to achieve their dreams � so reach for the stars.

Sandra Prior runs her own bodybuilding website at

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