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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 24



Things went very well last week. Here's how it all went down:


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

300 lbx1x1

barbell floor press and  leg raise

245 lbx4x5 


standing dumbbell overhead press/hold

45 lb x 5x30s


Friday, April 20, 2018

300 lbx1x1

barbell floor press leg raise

265 lbx3x1

265 lbx2x1

245 lbx3x2


standing dumbbell overhead press/hold

55lb x 5x30s


Sunday, April 22, 2018

300lb x1x1

barbell floor press leg raise

265lb x1x1

245 lb x3x3


standing dumbbell overhead press/hold

55lb x10x30s


300 pounds. Yes, THREE HUNDRED pounds on the barbell floor press. I did it. Actually, my one rep max is 309 pounds, so I can go higher than I did last week and today. By going three hundred pounds, I overcame a mental block that had been holding me back. 

I used dumbbells when doing overhead press and hold because the gym does not have any free Olympic bars, but this can be advantageous in that both arms must do equal work to keep the weights above my head. I also did the horizontal cable row just to round out today's exercise. I had a very good workout this week.

I'll do the barbell floor press at 300lb x3x1 the next time I get to the gym. I'll keep you posted.


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