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For Pure Fun, Relaxation And Excercise, I Choose Mountain Bike Riding

For Pure Fun, Relaxation And Excercise, I Choose Mountain Bike RidingFor Pure Fun, Relaxation And Excercise, I Choose Mountain Bike Riding by Holly Dodd

My family likes to spend a lot of time outdoors. Some of the most memorable and fun times as a family have been spent mountain bike riding. Unlike regular street bikes which are only good on a smooth surface, Mountain bikes are bikes that are designed to go anywhere. There are lots of different types of bikes to choose from but they generally have wider tires with a knobby tread and some type of suspension system.

In order to choose the right bike, you must consider what kind of riding you plan on doing and what kind of budget you intend to spend. Prices range about $150 to many hundreds of dollars. The lower priced ones are generally the type of quality you would expect to get at a chain discount store and are suitable for a beginner. Expect to find lots of colors and models on display as well as professional and beginner quality to choose from.

You may have to do a lot shopping to find the bike that best fits you. There are lots of different models to choose from, make sure you try them out to find the one that feels best to YOU. Many people are drawn to the colors of certain model bikes and that can be a mistake. Unfortunately not all bikes are available in the same colors so the color you love may be the wrong length bike for your body or riding style. Every rider is different and one bike size or style is not intended to fit all riders, so try them out before buying.

If you're thinking, "oh I don't know bike riding doesn't sound like all that much fun"...Mountain biking will change your mind really quick. Unlike the street bike that you had as a kid or your old ten speed locked in your shed, mountain bikes can go just about anywhere. My kids have fun making their own paths when we are out on a bike trail and I have fun trying to keep up!

If get or staying in shape is on your agenda, mountain bike riding is a great choice of exercise. Not only will you be burning up calories, you'll be taking in lots of fresh air and I'll bet you'll even get to enjoy some great sites. Whether you go out for a short ride with the kids or a day long trek, your body will repay you with improved strength and muscle tone.

Going through the daily stresses of life can certainly take its toll out on body and mind. Grabbing your bike and hitting the trails is a wonderful way to get rid of the every day stress. The more you pedal the more you will feel the stress leaving your body. I guess that why bike clubs are becoming so popular. Check your local classifieds to see if there is a group in your area or maybe you can ask co workers if they would like to form a mountain bike group.

So now that you're ready to try mountain biking, where do you go to buy a bike? You can start in department stores but you'll quickly see that the quality is fitting with the prices of these bikes. Sporting goods stores will usually be a grade above department store but for the Mecca of bike shoppers, check out your area bike specialty store. These stores have salespeople that are riders and will do a fantastic job of helping you pick out the right bike for your needs. Wherever you decide to buy one don't let it just sit in your garage. You can't have fun mountain bike riding if you don't get out there and use it!

Webmaster Holly Dodd loves finding answers to questions. More mountain biking info can be found at: and Holly's blog at:

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A Healthy Quick Dinner Recipe For Busy Families - Orange Chicken

A Healthy Quick Dinner Recipe For Busy Families - Orange Chicken by Diane Watkins

It seems that our days are getting busier, and it's often hard to get a healthy quick dinner recipe on the table at a reasonable time. Family dinners are an important part of the day and worth planning ahead to make sure there is a healthy quick dinner recipe available. Finding healthy quick, easy recipe ideas can be a challenge, but with a little planning ahead cooking dinner can be a snap.

Plan a weeks worth of menus in advance and shop using a list. This will save you money on impulse items, and you will have a healthy quick menu planned for every night of the week. When planning, be sure to take into account any regular weekly activities such as little league or dance lessons. Sometimes a crock pot meal or a cook ahead entree is best for these nights.

Here is a healthy quick dinner recipe that is simple to prepare, then cooks quickly in only 15 minutes in the oven while you prepare a box of rice pilaf and green vegetable. This healthy quick dinner recipe will help solve tonight's dinner crisis and provide you with a winning entree fit for a company meal. As a bonus, it can be halved or expanded to fit the number of servings needed and uses only one bowl and one baking dish, so cleanup is easy.
If you're a dark meat fan, you could also use chicken thighs and legs for this recipe, but you would need to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Healthy Quick and Easy Orange Chicken

4 chicken breast halves, skinned and boned
2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary, crumbled
pinch black pepper
1 cup orange juice
grated rind of 1 orange

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Arrange the chicken breasts in a 13x9x2" baking dish
3. Drizzle the chicken with the melted butter and sprinkle with paprika.
4. Combine the remaining ingredients and pour over the chicken.
5. Bake uncovered for 15 minutes, until fork tender, basting occasionally with the pan juices.

Serving Suggestion: Serve with a wild rice pilaf and green beans or a salad.

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Diane Watkins is a busy cook, teacher, and mother. She enjoys cooking and writing about cooking at Easy Southern Cooking.

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Two Squats for an Incredible Workout

Two Squats for an Incredible WorkoutTwo Squats for an Incredible Workout by Joshua Kirby

If you are looking for the most effective exercises to achieve your fitness goals, be they muscle gain, fat loss, to improve athletic performance, or simply to stay in shape, the deadlift and squat are two of the most effective overall exercises. This is because exercises like squats and deadlifts engage more muscle groups under heavier loads than almost any other weight bearing exercise, and because of this, they generate the best results.

We will take a look at the squat exercise in this article, and why it can be beneficial to add a couple of additional squats to the normal barbell back squat routine.

University studies have proven that squats can increase development of the upper body as well as the lower body, even though there are no specific upper body joint movements performed during the squat. There are a number of ways to perform squats, for instance, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, or just body weight. These are all forms of free weighted squats and are much more beneficial than the Smith Machines you often find in your local gym. Smith Machines or any other squat machines do not allow your body to follow its natural movements. They are designed to stabilize the weight for you, which means you perform less work, and in turn get weaker results.

There are a number of ways you can perform free weighted squats but the squat that most people are familiar with is the barbell back squat, where the barbell rests on the back of the shoulders. There are two other basic types of squats that many training and strength coaches believe are more useful to developing athletic performance, and offer less risk of lower back injuries compared with the back squat. They are the front squat and the overhead squat. The names are quite self explanatory, as in the front squat, the barbell rests on the shoulders in front of the head, and in an overhead squat, the barbell is in a snatch grip above your head. Not the most exciting names in the world, but they do the job I suppose.

Front squats are slightly harder than back squats, and overhead squats are much harder than both front and back squats. If you have never tried the front or overhead squats before, it could take a couple of sessions before you feel comfortable with them, so you should definitely start out light. Once you are comfortable with them, you can start adding weights and building intensity.

The Front Squat

The great thing about the front squat is that in order to perform them correctly, you have to really engage your abs. Obviously the squat is more of a lower body exercise, but you engage a number of other areas at the same time, especially when you are performing free weighted squats, which is why I tend to shy away from Smith Machines.

One of the more tricky parts of the front squat is learning how to rest the bar on the front of your shoulders. There are two ways you can do this. The first is to cross your forearms like an X while resting the bar on the dimples in your shoulders, which are created when you cross your forearms and lift your elbows up. Make sure you keep your elbows up high so that your upper arms are parallel with the ground, and simply hold the bar in place with the thumb side of your fists against the bar.

The other way is to hold the bar by placing your palms face up while resting the bar on your fingers against your shoulders. Again, ensure that your elbows are up high enough that your upper arms are parallel to the ground.

Find out which technique works for you by trying it out with the bar only, and perform a couple of reps to see which one you feel comfortable with. Once you're happy with the grip, begin the squat from your hips by sitting back and down, and place the weight on your heels rather than the front of you feet. Squat down to a position where your thighs are approximately parallel to the ground, then move back up to the starting position. By keeping the weight on your heels, you protect your knees and there is less chance of injury.

Make sense? If not, do not fear, you can check out photos of the squat through the link at the bottom of the page.

The Overhead Squat

This is by far the hardest of the three basic squats, and it can take a while before you become comfortable with it, so starting out with an un-weighted bar is the best way to go.

To perform the squat, you first need to get the bar above your head and your hands in a wide snatch grip. When you are starting out with lighter weights, you can snatch it, and when you get better at performing them and move up to heavier weights, you can clean and press it over your head. Once its there, you can adjust your hands to a wider snatch grip. It is a good idea to start out really light and gradually move your way up to heavier weights. It is also a good idea to have someone spot you until you can perform it properly.

When your barbell is up and stable, you need to ensure your arms are locked really tight and that the weight is positioned a little towards the back of your head. You must keep your entire body extremely tense or the weight could fall forward or back. Keep your head up, keep the weight on your heels, and sit into the squat until your thighs are roughly parallel with the ground, then move back up to the starting position. It is important to remember to keep your whole body tense right through the movement to keep the weight stable. This is why I think free weighted squats are much better then squat machines, because you have to do all the work, and this tones and strengthens your body up incredibility quickly.

As you can see, this squat is pretty tough and it does take a few sessions to really feel comfortable with it, so it is really important that you get your grip and movements nailed down first using an un-weighted bar, before you start to increase weight and intensity.

You will be quite surprised at how hard these two new squats will workout your abdominals when you nail down the correct form. This is because you need more of an upright posture to than you do with back squats. Again I stress, as with any new exercise, try them out first without weights, until you feel comfortable with the exercise and are performing it correctly, then you can start thinking about adding weights and increasing intensity.

You can check out this article at for some pictures of how the front and overhead squats are performed.

If you are interested in finding out more about hard body workouts like the squat or deadlift, as well as many other fat burning and muscle building strategies, check out these Ab and Muscle Training Secrets.

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Keeping The Carpet Clean

Keeping The Carpet CleanKeeping The Carpet Clean by Kevin Germain

One of the things I like to do to calm me down is to clean the house. I know weird huh? There is just something about the smell of cleaning products and the thought of having everything in its place for even just a few minutes. The one thing that irks me is the carpet. We have newer carpet and maintaining it seems to be a job in its own. I love the look and feel of the carpet but with two kids and three cats find myself at a loss for cleaning tips when I am in need. Over the years I have come up with many carpet saving tips that I thought I would share for people going through the same situation as me.

Carpet cleaning is an art form. Professional carpet cleaners seem to have some magic trick that obliterates the stains and wear marks making the carpet as good as new. How they do that to me is unbelievable. However, I live within a budget and professional carpet cleaning services are just not in the budget more often than once a year. The first thing for me, in cutting back on these services was to find a way to maintain the carpet for as long as possible. I added an extra large entrance mat on the inside and outside of the door. A bench and shoe rack was placed outside in the vestibule area of our garage to encourage shoe removal.

One problem with keeping our carpet clean is that my daughter is a flip flop lover. Along with this comes dirt from her feet which leave marks on the carpet over time. I cannot handle dirty feet so when I am home I make her wash them but that is not always the case. I have found with dirt that has been tracked in the best remedy for stain removal is water and white vinegar. I combine this mixture in a spray bottle and squirt the affected are, not saturating it. I then take a clean white cloth and gently blot the stain until it is removed.

I have found that rubbing stains causes the stain to spread and often just squishes it deeper into the carpet fibers. I also find that being overly aggressive will cause the carpet fibers to weaken making the carpet appear older than it is. In order to thoroughly and deeply remove the stain take a thick white cloth and a heavy object and place in on the spot after you have blot removed the stain. Leaving this overnight will help the stain seep from deep within the carpet onto the cloth leaving the carpet not only clean on the surface but also deep down.

I find that by vacuuming often I have cut down on the amount of stains that I visually see. One member of our family takes a turn every other night vacuuming. Thankfully we love in a ranch and the areas are easy to reach with the vacuum. This helps keep pet stains down and allows us to spot stains quicker than when we were doing this chore only once a week.

Another trick I had read included using a blow dryer or iron to help dry the area after a stain was removed. This is never a good idea for any type of carpet no matter how wet it appears. High heat will only set it stains that may be hiding deep within the carpet. The best solution for wet carpet is circulating air. A large oscillating fan placed within the affected area should be enough to dry the area thoroughly. It may take more than a day or two depending on how saturated the area is.

Many people ask me if I like clean carpet because I have issues with being overly clean but really it goes way above the fact that I enjoy a clean house. Having carpet cleaning done allows all of the allergens that are building up to be removed. It also prevents homes for organisms that will make homes in your carpet to be eliminated. The thought of carpet bugs disturbs me especially because we enjoy family time hanging out on the floor. The last thing I want to think about when playing a board game on the floor with my kids is the invisible creatures crawling among us.

Have a professional carpet cleaner out to your home at least once a year is maintenance that will not only benefit the look of the carpet but also the health of your family. Routine spot cleaning and protection will help keep your carpets looking clean in between cleanings. Obviously prevention is the key piece needed to improve the longevity of the carpet but with kids, pets and living in general that is not always possible.

If you have enjoyed this article from Kevin Germain at CPS please visit today where you will find useful information on carpet cleaning.

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Pit Bull Puppies

Pit Bull Puppies by Craig Harris

Pit bull refers to a group of dog breeds that are derived from the molosser family. Pit bull puppies have square heads and broad cheek. The cheek is broad because it houses a powerful jaw. It has a thick and muscled neck that lead to a wide chest. The pit bull is a stocky and agile dog. It is suitable as a family pet. Both children and adults will love it. It has an obedient character. It is always eager to please the master. It is highly protective of its territory or the house of the owner. It is willing to fight until death for its owner.

Though it has a friendly nature, it is not suitable as a pet for everyone. It can be fierce and aggressive towards strangers. If you want to raise a pit bull, you must have an understanding of how to raise and treat it. If you don't understand the psychology of the dog, the dog will end up to be boss over you.

Pit bull puppies are quite active when they are in indoors. It will be happier if it is given more space to move around. You can raise a pit bull in an apartment as long as there are sufficient rooms.

The height of the pit bull puppy ranges from 18 - 22 inches while the weight is about 22 - 110 pounds. Pit bull is generally healthy and won't contract with illness easily. There are reports from owners that the pit bull dog can suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts and congenital heart disease.

Pit bull puppies need to a lot of exercises daily. You can let the puppy exercise by taking it for a stroll in the park. The life expectancy of the puppy is approximately 12 years. The average litter size is approximately five to ten puppies.

Pit bull puppies are covered with a smooth short haired coat. Though it has a short hair coat, you still have to groom it regularly with a bristle brush. When grooming the dog, you have to bathe and shampoo it. After shampooing the puppy, you must rub it with a dry towel so that the coat will gleam. The pit bull is an average shedder.

Pit bull puppies can be adopted from the pit bull kennel. Before adopting a puppy, make sure you check with the insurance company. Some insurance companies do not allow the policy holder to keep a pit bull. The reason that many insurance companies don't allow homeowners to keep pit bulls is because they have a tendency to hurt people. Some cities in the United States prohibit the homeowners from owning pit bull puppies. It is your responsibility to check with the local department to find out if you are allowed to raise pit bull puppies. If you don't want to adopt it from the kennel, you can purchase it from a breeder. Despite that, it is best that you adopt it from the kennel. The puppy from the kennel is trained so you don't have to spend time to train it anymore. Most of the puppies from the stores are not trained and won't listen to your command. Hence, it is recommended that you buy the pit bull puppy from a kennel. is a pit bull kennel that allows people to buy pit bulls. You will be able to choose from a wide range of pit bull puppies including blue pit bull, razors edge, and gottiline puppies.

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The Reality of Starting a Home Based Business

The Reality of Starting a Home Based Business  by Lesley Spencer Pyle

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Diving in

Many dream of starting their own business to gain flexibility with family and independence from the corporate structure and politics. Today, it also is a financial savings when not forking over a fortune to fill the gas tank, buy an expensive wardrobe and pay those high daycare expenses. However, before jumping headfirst into starting a business, it is important to take a reality check and answer a few questions - honestly. Being your own boss takes a lot of discipline. Even though your goal may be to gain flexibility, it might not be a reality right off the bat. This is due to the number of hours required to get the business off the ground combined with the fact there may be insufficient income to outsource or bring on a staff. So ask yourself, Are you able and willing to put in the countless hours it takes to get a business off the ground?

Also, can you afford to lose your current salary and put out extra money for the initial start-ups costs? It could be one to three years before you to start make a positive return and months before you start making any income at all. Also, if you had health benefits in your current position, do you have another means of obtaining insurance on your own or are you covered by your spouse?

One solution is that you may consider working full or part time while you start your business. Once you begin bringing in regular income, you can cut back or leave your job.

Here's another question to ask yourself. Do you have a support network to help you get through the low times - because there will be many? This would include your immediate family and/or a group of other entrepreneurs that have experience walking this same path.

Before getting too deep into the start of your business, it is important to check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered under your homeowner's policy. It might exclude you having business traffic in your home. Another area to check is with your homeowners association, which may also exclude you operating a business out of your home. These two factors could end your decision to start a home based business before you invest any more time or money.

Working for oneself and having the ability to do it from home is a fabulous opportunity for the right person, but not everyone is cut out for it. The most important question to ask yourself is whether or not you truly LOVE doing your business idea. If you are doing it because you think it is just a good business idea but you do not love what you are doing, it will end up being a miserable endeavor because it will be all consuming and you may struggle to make it successful.

So if you are resistant to change, take heart and know that each of these tools are easy to use and will ultimately make your business more efficient and hopefully more effective.

Lesley Spencer Pyle is the founder and president of the, Inc. Network which includes Home-Based Working Moms (Home-based working moms) and (HireMyMom). Pyle has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Parenting, Dr. Laura’s Perspectives, Family PC and many others. She has 4 children ages 2 to 14 years and has been working from home since the first baby was born!

Copyright 2009 by Inc. All rights reserved.

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Supplemental Post Log




I have not been to the gym lately. I really enjoy exercise and I am working toward increasing my floor bench press weightlifting numbers. I feel that it is much better than the bench press because I rely on my upper body throughout the lift, thus giving me an incredible workout. I will continue to do this exercise. I'll keep you posted.



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Long Distances Bike Riding

Long Distances Bike RidingLong Distances Bike Riding  by Chris Martin

When planning for long-distance bike ride you will require good preparation, following are few of the stuff you need to carry and be alert in following them. You will require:

Repair Kit

First and foremost thing you will require a repair kit, at least one spare of inner tube, pump, spoke wrench, a cell phone or some money in case you need to take a train if all else fails. Riding bike for long distance means that it is quite impractical to walk back home.

Food and Water

You need to take plenty of food and water. Do not every under-estimate this. You have to eat and drink well on time to enjoy the ride. People usually never reach the point of termination of fuel in their daily life but it is a real danger on long bike rides. You will fall apart after concerning 80 km without food, so eat and drink at least every 20 or 30 km. do not start in the morning without having breakfast either. Best is to take plain water in one or two large clear plastic bottles. Concerning food you can take energy food, plus some whole-grain sandwiches. It is a bad idea to take chocolate or any other sugar based food. On seriously long rides also take some salted nuts for the reason that sweating depletes minerals.

You of course need to carry a map. If you are riding in a group you might get separated, or any body might get lost. The most excellent scale is between 1:100,000 and 1:250,000. A compass is essential in foreign countries. Always carry a GPS receiver as well.


If there is a possibility of rain or cold weather, dress in neoprene boots. They don't harm if you don't require them but they will keep you warm and dry. Also bring a raincoat and wear layers of clothing, which allow you adjust to the weather. Multiple or thick wool socks normally never works, they just make the shoes robust poorly. Another key to long-distance bike riding is to intentionally ride slowly. It's sufficient to ride two or three km/h slower than what you normally ride. This takes steady conscious checking as your legs would relax.

Chris Martin is a SEO Copywriter of Custom Chopper Bike. He has written many articles in various topics.For more information visit: Bike Chopper. Contact her at

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Step By Step On Soup Making

Step By Step On Soup Making  by Jack Sands

Lean, juicy beef, mutton, and veal, form the basis of all good soups; therefore it is advisable to procure those pieces which afford the richest succulence, and such as are fresh-killed. Stale meat renders them bad, and fat is not so well adapted for making them. The principal art in composing good rich soup, is so to proportion the several ingredients that the flavour of one shall not predominate over another, and that all the articles of which it is composed, shall form an agreeable whole. To accomplish this, care must be taken that the roots and herbs are perfectly well cleaned, and that the water is proportioned to the quantity of meat and other ingredients.

Generally a quart of water may be allowed to a pound of meat for soups, and half the quantity for gravies. In making soups or gravies, gentle stewing or simmering is incomparably the best. It may be remarked, however, that a really good soup can never be made but in a well-closed vessel, although, perhaps, greater wholesomeness is obtained by an occasional exposure to the air.

Soups will, in general, take from three to six hours doing, and are much better prepared the day before they are wanted. When the soup is cold, the fat may be much more easily and completely removed; and when it is poured off, care must be taken not to disturb the settlings at the bottom of the vessel, which are so fine that they will escape through a sieve.

A tamis is the best strainer, and if the soup is strained while it is hot, let the tamis or cloth be previously soaked in cold water. Clear soups must be perfectly transparent, and thickened soups about the consistence of cream. To thicken and give body to soups and gravies, potato-mucilage, arrow-root, bread-raspings, isinglass, flour and butter, barley, rice, or oatmeal, in a little water rubbed well together, are used.

A piece of boiled beef pounded to a pulp, with a bit of butter and flour, and rubbed through a sieve, and gradually incorporated with the soup, will be found an excellent addition. When the soup appears to be too thin or too weak , the cover of the boiler should be taken off, and the contents allowed to boil till some of the watery parts have evaporated; or some of the thickening materials, above mentioned, should be added. When soups and gravies are kept from day to day in hot weather, they should be warmed up every day, and put into fresh scalded pans or tureens, and placed in a cool cellar. In temperate weather, every other day may be sufficient.

Various herbs and vegetables are required for the purpose of making soups and gravies. Of these the principal are, Scotch barley, pearl barley, wheat flour, oatmeal, bread-raspings, pease, beans, rice, vermicelli, macaroni, isinglass, potato-mucilage, mushroom or mushroom ketchup, champignons, parsnips, carrots, beetroot, turnips, garlic, shalots and onions. Sliced onions, fried with butter and flour till they are browned, and then rubbed through a sieve, are excellent to heighten the colour and flavour of brown soups and sauces, and form the basis of many of the fine relishes furnished by the cook. The older and drier the onion, the stronger will be its flavour. Leeks, cucumber, or burnet vinegar; celery or celery-seed pounded. The latter, though equally strong, does not impart the delicate sweetness of the fresh vegetable; and when used as a substitute, its flavour should be corrected by the addition of a bit of sugar. Cress-seed, parsley, common thyme, lemon thyme, orange thyme, knotted marjoram, sage, mint, winter savoury, and basil. As fresh green basil is seldom to be procured, and its fine flavour is soon lost, the best way of preserving the extract is by pouring wine on the fresh leaves.

For the seasoning of soups, bay-leaves, tomato, tarragon, chervil, burnet, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, mace, black and white pepper, essence of anchovy, lemon-peel, and juice, and Seville orange-juice, are all taken. The latter imparts a finer flavour than the lemon, and the acid is much milder. These materials, with wine, mushroom ketchup, Harvey's sauce, tomato sauce, combined in various proportions, are, with other ingredients, manipulated into an almost endless variety of excellent soups and gravies. Soups, which are intended to constitute the principal part of a meal, certainly ought not to be flavoured like sauces, which are only designed to give a relish to some particular dish.

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When Is The Best Time To Exercise For People With Diabetes?

When Is The Best Time To Exercise For People With Diabetes? by Katrina McKenna, BA, CES, CSCS

"When is the best time to exercise," is one of the most common questions I get asked by diabetics and non-diabetics alike. A common belief is that low intensity cardio on an empty stomach burns the most fat because carbohydrates are not available.

First, low intensity cardio is not the best for fat loss. The fat burning zone is myth that does not take into account all the calories burned during and AFTER the exercise session and can actually cause you to lose muscle. If you want to lose fat, then you must preserve your muscles.

Second, research has shown that there is no difference in how much fat is burned during a moderate intensity cardio session with or without food. It does make a difference at lower intensities, but I already said that this is not ideal. At high intensity training, you need some food to maintain performance. So actually by eating a small amount you are allowing yourself to exercise harder and as a result increasing the amount of calories that you will burn hours after your exercise session.

Third, you risk increasing the level of your stress hormones and instead of breaking down fat, your body may break down muscle. Again lowering your metabolism and pushing you in the opposite direction of fat loss.

Exercising on an empty stomach can actually cause your blood sugar to increase if you have diabetes. This seems very strange since most of the time exercise helps to lower blood sugar levels. Exercising tells the liver to release its stored sugar or glycogen into the bloodstream but if there is not enough insulin in the bloodstream the muscles cannot absorb the sugar quickly enough.

People with diabetes must check their blood sugar before and after exercise to determine their response to exercise. If your blood sugar is very high (consult your health care provider for the suggested level) then exercise could make it even higher. This happens due to the stress hormones causing the release of sugar into the bloodstream, often because of limited insulin. If your blood sugar level is high test for ketones in your urine. If there are ketones then you should NOT exercise until your blood sugar is at a safer level.

Research is showing that you may be able to exercise safely with high blood glucose level as long as there are not ketones in the urine. Speak to your health care provider for specific recommendations. In this case, keep the exercise intensity low, because high intensity exercise can raise your blood sugar levels even further.

Now, I know I just said to avoid low intensity exercise for fat loss but under these conditions, preventing your blood sugar from going higher is more important for your health and the prevention of diabetic complications. All exercise helps your diabetes even if it doesn't promote weight loss. I'd much rather you keep the habit of exercising than skip it because it isn't the most efficient for fat loss. Remember you are exercising for both your health and fat loss. Your health has priority over fat loss.

Exercise can also cause low blood sugar. As the muscles are working they are absorbing sugar from the blood stream far easier than they do when they are not working. If your blood sugar is too low before you start exercising you must eat some carbohydrates beforehand. This is not ideal for fat loss, so timing your exercise session after you eat and avoiding the peak time of your insulin is best. Depending on the length and intensity of exercise your blood sugar can go low several hours after exercise, making exercise close to bedtime risky.

OK, so what is the final answer? You must find a time 1 - 3 hours after you eat but away from the peak action of insulin. The larger the meal, the more time you should wait. If you must exercise in the morning, eat something small before starting, such as low fat yogurt, a handful of nuts, something that has some carbs, some protein and some fat.

Katrina McKenna is a fitness professional serving New York City and specializing in helping people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and live healthier lives. She is the author of the book, "Yes! You CAN Be Fit, Feel Fantastic and Look Better Naked Even With Type 2 Diabetes" and can be purchased at

For more information contact Katrina McKenna at 646-772-7075 or visit the company's website at to sign up for the free MetamorFitness Health and Fitness Journal."

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