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Why Not Groom Your Dog At Home?

Why Not Groom Your Dog At Home? by Stuart Michael

It is not that simple, but it is not impossible. While there are some people who choose to have their dogs groomed by the experts in salons, there are also those who choose to groom their dogs on their own.

One of the biggest factors for people to groom their own dogs is because of cost. Grooming your dog at home can be very much cheaper if you use the right tools correctly. For people who love to have their dogs follow the trends, they will find that they will need to groom their dog every one and a half to two months. If they do their math, they will find that the money splurged on these services and even the fuel used to get to the destination would equate to much more than doing it yourself. Of course, this is only true if you use your tools correctly without spoiling your dog's hair or injuring him. Learn how to use your own set of dog grooming shears, brushes and nail clippers, and you are all set to go.

Another reason people groom their dogs at home is to bond with their dogs. Although introducing your dog to tools like dog grooming shears might be scary for him, once he understands that the tools are not harmful nor are you set to hurt him, you will find the grooming process to take place easily. They will also be less afraid being groomed at home as it is a familiar place to them by people they already trust. Dogs love to have a good groom as it keeps their hair at a length comfortable for him to move about, and keeps the bugs and diseases at bay. To know that they are being taken care of, your dogs will love you as their owner. For yourself, it can be a de-stressing moment to pamper your favorite dog.

All in all, grooming your dog from home can be a rewarding experience for you and your dog. Yet, be sure to get the tools and techniques right before trying anything so that both of you can get the best out of it.

Author is writing articles on many pets related topics and enjoys writing on topics such as Dog Grooming Shear and Dog Shears. You may visit for more details.

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The Infrastructure of Your Online Business

The Infrastructure of Your Online Business by Jasmine Stone

Within this article today, we'll look at ways that you can work on creating an online turnkey business website. When you are looking at creating an online turnkey business website, the initial development will take more time than with a standard website but it will pay off with big dividends in the end for you. We will look at what types of software you possibly want to use or look for as well as an example of a possible online turnkey business website.

The first key when creating an online turnkey business website is software. Using and buying software helps create efficiencies that you will need in creating an online turnkey business website. If you have a newsletter and people sign up for it, you will want an email system in place which incorporates autoresponders. A good example of an email autoresponder software that you can use is: https://www.xtreeme dot com/followupxpert/. This software is not too expensive with the standard edition running $59 and the Professional Edition costing you $125. Take some time to look at this website and see if this is software that can work for you.

Other ways to help in bringing traffic to your website and in creating an online turnkey business website would be buying leads from an email marketing firm. If you do this, you can let the autoresponders and other software in place handle the leads so that you can continue to buy leads and have sales conversions occur. Remember that one of the main keys in working on creating an online turnkey business website is to make sure that you are using as much software as possible so that the process is automated. Most of this paragraph has emphasized the fact that you need auto responders. Without this, you would have to manually write each e-mail and this would be a huge waste of your time.

Another good example of creating an online turnkey business website would be creating an affiliate program. When you're doing this, all of the information should be set up ahead of time so that once your affiliate is able to successfully close a sale, the person who wants to buy the product is sent automatically to your landing page. This would be a great example of creating an online turnkey business website because you'd only need a landing page, a download page for the product, and a thank you page. There would be nothing that would be done on your end as far as marking the websites or anything like that. If you promoted products using clickbank dot com as well as affiliate programs dot com, you would be very well set up in creating an online turnkey business website.

Hopefully this article on creating an online turnkey business website will help you. There's a great deal of information that can be found on this on the Internet but take your time in setting up a website ahead of time because using software and buying leads can lead to constant profits for you.

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 40



Last week I had a couple of good workouts at the gym. Here are the results of those workouts:


Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

seated machine press

230 lb x5x2

210 lb x5x2


fixed barbell standing overhead press and hold

110 lb x5x30s


Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018

fixed barbell standing overhead press and hold 

110 lb x7x30s


farmer's walk 

100 lb dumbbells in each handx3


dumbbell shrugs

45 lb dumbbells in each hand x25x5


machine lateral pull down

110 lb x6x1 pronated grip

110 lb x10x4 pronated grip 

110 lb x10x5 supinated grip


Last Tuesday I was dealing with the effects of an autumn cold so I had an abbreviated workout and I went with 110 pounds; still, I was pleased with the results.  The workout last Saturday was better; I had planned to lift heavier but the Olympic bars were all taken, so I had to go with the heaviest fixed barbells that were available which just so happened to be 110 pounds;  although this was five pounds less than my planned weight it felt good to be exercising. 

I also carried heavier dumbbells for my farmer's walk exercise and I plan to gradually increase the amount up to and even beyond what the gym of five years ago had to offer (120-pound dumbbells). 

I'll gradually work in other exercises including deadlifts, t-bar rows, bent over rows and the other exercises that I enjoyed so much.

Next week, I plan to lift heavier than 110 pounds when I do the standing barbell overhead press and hold. I'll keep you posted.


But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14


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Dirt Bikes For Kids

Dirt Bikes For Kids by Andrew Green

Can you get dirt bikes for kids?

Dirt biking has become a more popular and much more accessible pastime than it once was. The bikes, parts and accessories have become much cheaper and because of the increase in participants there are gradually more and more tracks to give it a go. It is true that dirt biking is one of the more dangerous sports you can take up and if you are already an avid dirt biker who hasn't hit the dust yet, it's almost guaranteed you will at some point.

That said, many of the accidents are through a lack of care or simply because the biker is inexperienced. There is no substitute for time on the track, and if you're one of many considering the option of dirt bikes for kids then starting them young and keeping a close eye on them is a definite advantage.

Dirt bikes for kids are widely available now; 47cc dirt bikes becoming very popular. Basically, they look exact replicas of the real sized thing but have a smaller engine and lower frame. A mini-moto can safely hold up to about 10 stone in weight.

Are dirt bikes for kids safe

As long as the bike is treated with respect and the kids have somebody responsible watching over them there is no reason why dirt bikes for kids can't be just as safe as dirt bikes for adults. Taking attention to buying the proper gear and a bike in good condition will go along way to ensuring the experience is as safe as possible.

Also, be sure to go to a well managed track will offer a little added security. If the track is in good condition and managed on a regular basis there will be less accident black spots where unpredictable and often dangerous accidents can happen. Don't, though, let your kids race around a track with older riders as this will undoubtedly lead to trouble.

Everything else about dirt bikes for kids.

Dirt bikes for kids are a relatively affordable pastime for your kids. The bike itself will cost around 200 pounds or $400, and the same again for good quality and safe equipment. With a 5 litre tank dirt bikes for kids will go for miles and miles before you need to refill the petrol tank. Apart from these costs there isn't very much else you need to worry about except paying for the use of a track.

Dirt Bikes HQ,, for lots of information about dirt biking.

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An Easy Quick Recipe for Dinner Tonight - Beef Stroganoff

An Easy Quick Recipe for Dinner Tonight - Beef Stroganoff  by Diane Watkins

It seems that when its time to cook dinner, easy quick recipe ideas are hard to find. The secret to getting dinner on the table fast is planning ahead and keeping an arsenal of easy quick recipe ideas for those busy days.

This easy quick recipe features a beef stroganoff that can be on the table in less than 20 minutes. Start the noodles first, because they take the longer to cook than this Stroganoff. You want to use a tender piece of beef, cut across the grain to make sure the meat is tender. You could also use a pound of ground beef instead of the minute steaks. Just brown the beef, then finish this easy quick recipe as directed.

Sour cream is traditional in this dish, but yogurt offers a lower fat option. The flavor will be a little tangy, but delicious. You could also use a fat free sour cream. Be sure to only warm the sauce after the sour cream or yogurt is added, boiling will separate the cream and the texture of the sauce will not be rich and creamy as it should be. This easy quick dinner recipe is perfect on a busy night. Serve with hot buttered noodles and perhaps a salad or green vegetable.

Quick Beef Stroganoff

3 minute steaks, cut into 1/2 inch strips
2 Tablespoons oil
1 onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed (optional)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
3 ounce can of mushrooms
2 Tablespoons catsup
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

Brown the steak strips in the oil. Add the onion and garlic. Stir fry for 5 minutes until onion is translucent. Combine remaining ingredients, add to meat. Heat on low temperature until flavors blend. (Do not boil.) Serve this easy quick Beef Stroganoff over buttered noodles.

Do you need more quick and easy dinner recipes complete with menu suggestions and shopping lists? Join our newsletter list for more quick dinner recipe ideas like this one. Easy Quick Recipe Ideas at Easy Southern Cooking.

Diane Watkins is a traditional southern style cook. She enjoys cooking, teaching, and writing about good food and family. Easy Southern Cooking.

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Adjusting Your Training Sandbags For Maximum Muscle Development

Adjusting Your Training Sandbags For Maximum Muscle Development by Jennifer James Cooper

The 1st thing to consider is size of the sand. If you are doing the internal bags which would be contained inside a duffel bag, the bag sizes will be based on the class of sand you utilize. Really fine sand has less amount of air space than big sand, and a given volume of it is therefore denser and a lot heavier. A small bag of fine sand will weigh the same as an obviously bigger bag of sand that is less fine. If you have a large duffel bag, then you may want coarser sand so that more of the interior is filled with bags of this substance.

However, fine sand (surmising that space is left in the bag, with around 25% empty space being optimal usually), tends to make a floppier bag too. For the reason that it makes use of less area, fine sand can make a denser "center of mass". More of it could fit into a small area, which means that training sandbags with bags of fine sand inside them will possibly be more challenging than those with coarse sand, since you'll be dealing with the shifting of a more dense weight.

The density with which you pack the sand within the individual internal bags, plus the amount of space these bags use inside the duffel, would both have an essential effect on how the sandbag functions. You more often than not don't want extremely tight packing. In both cases, this will make the sandbag far more firm and less able to offer you the all-round exercise it is expected to do. But then, it is also probable for the sandbag to be very loosely packed, in which case it will become nearly impossible to handle because it will simply wrap around your arms and flail freely towards the floor, regardless of position.

A slender, long sandbag tends to be somewhat simpler to deal with than a tighter one, since it is simpler to maneuver it by draping. You are typically not looking for lack in difficulty in handling, of course - it is the very instability and awkwardness of the training sandbag which makes it so useful for developing your entire muscle group and leaving no weak points in your general level of fitness and health.

Jennifer James Cooper
Sandbag Training

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What You Should Know About Fire Safety Precautions and Preventative Measures

What You Should Know About Fire Safety Precautions and Preventative Measures by Dr. Victor Marchione

Did you know that people who are 85 and older are five times more likely than younger people to die in a fire? At least, that's according to a recent statistic that was posted on the web site.

There are many reasons why seniors are at an increased risk for death or injury in a fire. Seniors' reflexes may be slower due to age and/or medical conditions. Seniors are also more likely to have a "lag" in their response time. Difficulties with vision and/or hearing could also contribute to a delayed response to fire. Many medications have a sedative affect and could hamper decision-making abilities during a crisis such as a fire.

Living Alone Increases Risk
Another common risk factor when it comes to seniors and fire is living alone. Without someone else around, seniors living by themselves don't have any help when it comes to preventing and reacting to situations that can cause fires to start, such as cooking and accidents.

One of the most common causes of house fires-smoking-is also a particular hazard for seniors. Unsafe use of cigarettes and other smoking materials could ignite surrounding materials and spread quickly if no immediate action is taken.

Here's another common risk factor: improperly used or maintained heating equipment. If you have a wood-burning stove, make sure that a professional technician tests the equipment on a regular basis.

If you use a space heater, follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding fire safety. Don't use your heater near flammable materials or leave the heater on full-blast when you aren't around to keep an eye on it.

Wiring in older homes could also be a fire hazard. Many seniors live in dwellings where the wiring is outdated and unsafe. A short in a wire could spark a fire that will quickly spread through combustible materials within the walls of your home. If you can afford it, hire a licensed electrician to rewire any troublesome spots in your home. It may be unnecessary to rewire the entire house, and the cost may be cheaper than you expected.

Candle-safety Guidelines
- Don't burn candles right next to each other, or near doors or windows where a draft may blow them over, or on a surface that may catch fire or melt from the heat
- Keep the candle's wick trimmed to about one-quarter of an inch
- Light a candle in an area that is far from flammable materials, such as drapes, bedding, furniture, paper or wallpaper
- Make sure that a burning candle can't be reached by children or pets
- Never leave a room with a candle still burning
- Only burn a candle that is in a sturdy, non-flammable base

One of the best preventative measures that you can take against fires is to install a working fire alarm on every floor in your home. Install an alarm in your bedroom, where you will hear it even if you're sleeping-and don't forget to put one in the basement. It's a good idea to install fire alarms away from doors or windows, where air drafts can hamper their performance and detection of smoke.

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Using Curved Dog Grooming Shears

Using Curved Dog Grooming Shears by Stuart Michael

Dogs come in many breeds of different sizes and hair consistency. Thus, it is important to recognize and acknowledge that the grooming process for each dog is not a hundred percent similar to one another. While one style of cutting may work for one dog, it may not work for the next one. For example, a pair of shears used for a dog with straight hair may not work for a dog with thick, matted hair. Hence, this is why there are many different types of tools in the market hair within the family of shears alone.

Especially on dogs, it may seem like a daunting task to use a sharp pair of shears all over their body because of their many different contours. It is one problem to cut their hair without hurting the dog, but it is another to keep the dog still and avoiding jabbing into the dog if the dog suddenly moves. Thus, a pair of curved dog grooming shears may prove to be useful in situations such as this.

A pair of curved dog grooming shears is one that looks like scissors with a blunt tip. Its blades are usually about two inches long, and their blades are curved so that they can reach certain hard to reach areas while hindering injuries with the blunt tip during any accidents. This can be very useful when trimming hair at sensitive or delicate areas such as behind the ears, the eyes area, and the overall face area. Despite having your own pair of curved shears, you should not use it all over your dog's body with the thought that you will be able to prevent accidents from happening. You will need to train your dog to stay still so that your subsequent grooming experiences will be easy. Using the shears for only its purposes also helps maintain its longevity as you do not overuse its blades.

Even if you have gotten the right tools, it does not mean that you will be able to master using it over one occasion. Much practice is needed in order to learn how to groom your dog properly, and once you do, your dog will be a happy one!

Author is writing articles on many pets related topics and enjoys writing on topics such as Dog Grooming Shear and Dog Shears. You may visit for more details.

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The Benefits of Being a Home-based Entrepreneur

The Benefits of Being a Home-based Entrepreneur  by Jasmine Stone

A decade ago, it was unimaginable for Americans to live in ease while working at home. However, trends have revolutionized primarily with the integration of computers and internet in our lifestyles. The good combination of these two has paved way for the growth of new business trends.

You need not look beyond your own home for work. In fact, many corporate people are now looking within the comforts of their own rooms to get their living. This is the reality that we are faced now. You always have a choice- to go with the trend or live forever bounded by the systems of stresses and everyday tension surrounding corporate living.

American entrepreneurs, and they're not few, are discovering the benefits of establishing home based businesses. The ideal state of our economy and the progressive realization for change in lifestyles became the foundations for creating home-based businesses. Many Americans are now beginning to mix their careers with their families, to the outcome of making it to the rat race while being able to enjoy family lives. And that, for most have put them to the pedestal as famous American entrepreneurs.

There are of course many take aways when you start your own home based business. However, you will soon gather the benefits after you get used with the lifestyle. Who knows what you may turn out to in the end? Nevertheless, these are the normal patterns and advantages that entrepreneurs deciding to establish home based business acquire:

Reaping financial benefits is the central thing to becoming famous in American entrepreneurship. statistics would provide us that home based entrepreneurship offers equally attractive financial gains as compared with those that we might get from corporate living. Be ready though for the risks that you might get yourself into.

Unstable income characterizes home based entrepreneurs. They normally don't get the same fixed salaries. However, they are the ones who can set their own monthly finances.

You may not gain initially. After all, businesses don't always have smooth beginnings, you may even fail. However, once you have toughed the initial tides, you will soon see the advances of having your own office right inside your bedroom. The absence of transportation expenses, your time wasted on commuting and your having to deal with the bosses are reasons enough why you should switch job.

The need to buy power suits and workday attires will also add up to your income. And because you work at home, you can save money on office rental and all expenses that comes with it. Thus, the income you generate will only flow back to your business.

You also have the command over your performances and the consequent benefits that come with it. You no longer have to work for a company or a boss that you do not want working for yet you don't have a choice but do.

Once you become a home based entrepreneur, there's no more stressing out all your nerves to get the promotion or salary increase that you desire. Its like having your financial freedom while freeing yourself from the chains of people who seem to gain control over your own life.

Home based businesses also provide financial avenues for people who don't normally get good jobs.

Home based businesses scream of personal freedom. These provide opportunities to have your whole time for yourself. Home based entrepreneurs definitely have neither corporate cultures to abide by, nor time clocks to maximize and bosses to serve. Instead, they gain freedom in working on the time and in manners that they chose with the benefit of doing all these inside their homes.

There are of course drawbacks to these. Entrepreneurs working home based should have developed ideal time management and control over themselves. It is tempting to stop working for a while and enjoy luxurious treats to yourself. Without discipline, you might find yourself confronted with the loss of income because you felt good resting.

If there is one great advantage to home based business, that is freedom from stress.

Stress makes life more unbearable. It created paths to self-depreciation, to stunted growth. Home working has greatly reduced stresses. There are no deadlines to hit or politics that you can't help but get involved with. You have liberty over deadlines and schedules that you have no control of. The only thing you have to mind is your work and the deadlines you have set for yourself.

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 39




I was able to get to the gym only once last week, and I had a pretty good workout. Here are the results:


Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018

seated machine chest press

230 lb x5x4

230 lb x no go

200 lb x5x2


standing fixed barbell overhead press

100 lb x5x2

100 lb x4x1

100 lb x3x1

100 lb x4x1

100 lb x3x1


farmer's walk

95 lb dumbbells in each hand x2


Olympic barbell and weight plate arm press

45 lb x2


I do well with everything I set out to do; it has been many years since I have truly worked out with heavy weights - free weights and my body can feel the difference. I'm most pleased with the barbell overhead press and I will lift above 100 pounds the next time I get back there. In fact, I plan to lift 115 x 5 and then start using the Olympic bar again. I'm going to follow the same format as when I first started working out with free weights at my original gym way back before I started this website.

The gym I had been using for the past year is okay, but my strength training posts from years ago were written when I was exercising at a facility that emphasized strength training (they did have cardio machines for folks who liked cardio but they also had an entire section devoted to very serious weight training, and the gym I just joined is very similar to it).

Okay, so it's 115 for 5 next time. I'll keep you posted.


But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14


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