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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 52




I had a good workout at the gym last week. Here are the results: 


Wednesday, January 23, 2019


machine iso-lateral high row


305 lb total (or 152.5 in each hand separately x5x5 right, 152.5 lb each hand x5x5 left)
310 lb total (or 155 lb each hand separately 1x10 right, 155 lb each hand x1x10 left)
farmer's walk
100 lb in each hand x1
machine overhead press
225 lb x 5x1
225 lb x 3x2
225 lb x4x1
225 lb x5x1
lateral pulldown (neutral grip)
140 lb x 10x1
160 lb x 6x4
I did a mini-circuit routine rotating between the machine iso-lateral high row and machine overhead press, then added the lateral pulldown; I only did one set of the farmer's walk because I was focused on the other exercises. The plate holders that are required to keep the plates secure were not available so I opted against the standing barbell overhead press and hold exercise; I decided to leave the t-bar row out of the routine this week because it would have taken from the other exercises.
I'm going heavy again the next time I get to the gym.
I'll keep you posted.
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