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Good and Bad Herbs for Dogs - Every Pet Owner Must Know It

Good and Bad Herbs for Dogs - Every Pet Owner Must Know It
By Priti Rathi

Herbs are now widely used for several health benefits and a complementary treatment for pets. Although there are lots of herbal supplements good for the health of pets. But you should know that not all herbs and spices are good for the health of your dog. For every pet owner, it is important to know about good and bad herbs to treat them.

Most of us mistakenly believe that herbs are natural and that is why they are safe to use to treat dogs. Unfortunately, it can leave adverse effect and cause several health issues in pets. Some herbs are toxic and even lethal to some animals.

We often use natural health supplements to treat several ailments in dogs such as arthritis, immunity problem, upset stomach, bad breath, poor skin and fur quality. So we use natural health supplements to treat the upset stomach and other ailments in dogs which seem to be a good way to save on unnecessary vet bills.

But you can't give anything randomly or any health supplement without consulting with a vet as making a selection of the right dosage and ingredients become important. But once you observe the benefits of the health supplements, you should look for the best ones that worked well to improve your dog's health.

For every pet owner, it is important to know the good and bad herbs for dogs.

Good Herbs for Dogs

Dogs can eat cayenne pepper, dill, chia seeds, coriander, fennel, ginger, oreganum, parsley, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, basil, mint, and cinnamon but never give any of these herbs to your pet without consulting with the vets. Consultation ensures that none of these herbs or the selected ingredients are bad for your pet's health. Also, the consultation is important to know the right dosage as per the symptoms of your pet.

These herbs are healthy and add a flavor to your dog's diet apart from providing several health benefits. These herbs are anti-inflammatory, good for respiratory problems and anti-oxidant. Some more types of herbs and herbal supplements for dogs available in the market that you can use topically to improve the skin and fur of your dog.

Bad Herbs for Dogs

A big NO for Comfrey which contains alkaloids which may cause cancer in dogs. It is important to avoid comfrey. Pennyroyal can be toxic, especially, to those pets with kidney and pregnant dogs.

Garlic is another controversial ingredient which is believed a bad herb for the dog. Only if your holistic vet recommends a very small quantity, you can move to it.

Onion and onion powder can upset the stomach of your dog which may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Salt is also harmful to dogs which may cause increased urination and thirst that can also lead to dehydration, vomiting, nausea etc.

Chocolate and cocoa are also dangerous for your dog's nervous system.

Conclusion: For a pet owner, maintaining a dog's diet is very important to maintain their health. Herbal supplements for dogs are equally good and bad but you should know the ingredients which are good and toxic ones that leave a major impact on your dog's health. Look for the benefits and several health issues your pet often face the right and wrong choice of herbs. Make sure you collect the essential information about every herb and spices before selecting one for your dog.

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