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Why Cycling Is a Fun Workout

Why Cycling Is a Fun Workout
By Joan Bishop Denizot

If you find going to the gym a dreary exercise, you might want to try cycling outdoors instead. Cycling, compared to gym exercise, is more fun. When cycling, you won't get bored with the changing surroundings as you travel down your chosen bike path; while, in the gym, you are stuck with the same walls and equipment. No wonder some people find gym exercise difficult to sustain. There's more variety in the cycling experience.

More people are actually into cycling as part of their weight loss program because it is a low impact exercise and more fun to do. As a low impact exercise, it's easy on the joints and therefore makes it a comfortable exercise. It doesn't mean that you won't sweat it out. In fact, cycling burns as much calories as in running. When riding the bike at a moderate speed, you can burn an approximate 650 calories in an hour.

As you pedal your way to weight loss, you build your endurance and strength working out major muscles in the legs, arms and abdomen giving you that well toned physique.

As an aerobic exercise, cycling strengthens heart and lung muscles enabling the transport of oxygen in the body improving your cardiovascular fitness. This also helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Cycling is a good exercise that doesn't require a special skill. As a beginner however, you might want to practice riding your bike on your backyard until you are confident to take it on the road. You might just need a little practice though because chances are, you have already ridden a bike as a kid and once you learned the skill, you will not forget it.

There are things that you might want to consider and remember should you decide to take cycling as an alternative exercise over gym routines.

� You might want to check if the bike you're using fits you well for riding comfort.

� It is advisable to plan your route and be familiar with bike regulations in your area.

� Safety first. You might want to check your tires and breaks before going out for your ride.

� Be visible to other motorists by wearing something bright to prevent getting into accidents along the road.

� Don't forget your helmet.

When accompanied with a healthy meal plan, cycling can help you lose those extra pounds while you enjoy a good and fun workout.

Whether you are an average sized rider or a heavier one who wanted to try biking for recreational purposes, commuting, or losing weight, check out Zize Bikes for a line-up of custom made, extra sturdy bicycles for everybody that can support ALL riders of ALL sizes (up to 550 pounds).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Joan_Bishop_Denizot/2223664


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