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I devoted my workout to flat bench presses last week. Here are the results of the workout:


Tuesday, July 23, 2019
barbell flat bench press
135 lb x 5 reps x 1 set
155 lb x 5 x 4
175 lb x 2 x 1
175 lb x 5 x 2
185 lb x 2 x 1
lateral pulldown neutral grip
150 lb x 6 x 1
The exercises were good; thinking back on it, though, I should have done fewer sets at 155 pounds because it took away steam that I could have used to go for 200-pound presses. I enjoyed the workout immensely, I'm remembering the feel of the Olympic bar in my hands, the medium spaced grip and the placement of my feet on the floor. 
When I return to the gym, I'll do one warm-up set, then go for 200-pound presses incrementally increasing the weight to 225 pounds. I've got the strength for it. Last week, I did lat pulldowns as a filler, and I'll do some lat pulldowns next time. 
I'll also be adding deadlifts into my workout regimen; it has been a long long time since I've deadlifted, and I miss this exercise very much.
When I get back to the gym this week, I will be lifting heavy.
I'll keep you posted.
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