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I followed up my deadlifting workout with bench presses, dumbbell holds and t-bar rows. Here are the results of that workout:


Tuesday, October 22, 2019
barbell flat bench press
135 lb x 1 set x 4 reps
225 lb x 1 x 1 
155 lb x 1 x 5
165 lb x 1 x 4
185 lb x 2 x 3
dumbbell stand and hold
110 lb x 30 s x 3 
t-bar row
180 lb x 1 x 8
215 lb x 2 x 3
The flat bench press sets were underwhelming, so there's nothing to say about them; the standing dumbbell hold and t-bar rows were just a way to keep the workout focused on heavy weight lifting.
I did more deadlifting the following week. In my October 26, 2019 article, I said that I would deadlift multiple sets at 345 pounds; I'll have an update about that workout next time. In other words...
I'll keep you posted.
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