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How Scoliosis Affects Back Pain

How Scoliosis Affects Back Pain
By Peter Conati

Many people that suffer from back pain do not even know that it
is being caused by scoliosis. The main thing about scoliosis is
that your doctor will almost always be able to diagnose that as
the problem without any issue at all. But to start out, the
majority of the population does not even know what scoliosis is.

Scoliosis is actually very easy to understand. Under normal
circumstances your spine is supposed to be straight. But people
that are suffering from scoliosis have a spine that is curved to
at least one side. The cause of scoliosis is also quite simple.
It comes about when a person has one hip that is higher than the
other. This causes a curve to take place on towards the side of
the hip that is lower. 

There are other causes of scoliosis as well, but doctors do not
know where it comes from, and are much more difficult to treat.
The pain and discomfort that comes along with scoliosis can be
very intense. The pain is caused because of the imbalance of
back muscles, and the compression of nerves in between the
vertebrae. More info like this is obtainable from some excellent
sources (

People who suffer from this condition put a repetitive strain
on their back muscles. This means that over time the muscles
will start to get irritated, and they finally come to a point
where they trigger spasms. When this happens you now not only
have to treat the scoliosis, but you also have to come up with a
way to treat the spasms that can also be very uncomfortable. As
you can see, it is a snow ball effect which makes the treatment
of this condition slightly difficult.

When the curvature of a patient’s spine has reached 40 degrees
or more, a brace is usually used to support the back. There are
also larger braces that many people have to wear in order to
ensure that the curve of the back does not get any worse. There
are also specialized, custom made braces that people can order.
This way they can get the support that they need without having
to deal with the unsightly back brace. This is one of the best
ways to treat scoliosis, and is widely used.

If you think that you may be suffering from this condition you
will want to go see a doctor immediately. It is very important
to consult a doctor because this is a progressive condition that
can definitely get worse over time. By speaking with a doctor
you will be ensured that you are taking the proper steps to get
this condition under control. 

Overall, scoliosis is a serious problem that plagues thousands
of people all over the world. If you feel that you are suffering
from this, or that you are having a problem that may lead to
this, make sure that you see a doctor right away. By doing this
you will ensure that you get your problem under control before
it gets too far out of hand.

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The Lumbar Scoliosis Brace – To Help Check Spinal Degeneration

The Lumbar Scoliosis Brace – To Help Check Spinal Degeneration
By Saurabh Jain

Scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine. It is a
progressive disease. Little evidence has been found on the
effectiveness of exercises on scoliosis, though there are
reports that show some improvement in the degree of curvature.
What so far has not been determined is whether the improvement
is permanent in nature. The lumbar scoliosis brace is a device
to support the spine and check further deterioration of the

People wearing a lumbar scoliosis brace are often suggested
exercise to correct scoliosis. These exercises are aimed at
helping the wearer adapt to the brace, to allow for correction
of the spinal deformity, and to improve trunk muscular tone
during the period braces are worn. Braces tend to lead the
muscles into losing muscle tone. The physical therapist suggests
other exercises for trunk and pelvic correction, which are
required to be performed everyday.

Types of Lumbar Scoliosis Brace

Here are some of the common types of lumbar scoliosis braces
used to prevent scoliosis from degenerating.

Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis (TLSO) brace:

The TLSO brace comes in many styles, but the most commonly used
TLSO brace is the Boston brace. The Boston brace is also known
as the underarm brace. Made from molded plastic, the Boston
brace is custom made to fit the patient’s body. It is usually
worn under clothing and is not easy to detect whether the
patient is wearing one. This lumbar scoliosis brace applies
three-point pressure to the curvature to prevent it from
degenerating further. 

Charleston Bending Brace:

This lumbar scoliosis brace is also known as the nighttime
brace, since it is used only while sleeping. The molding of the
brace is done when the patient is bent to the side. It helps in
applying more pressure against the curve of the patient to
correct the curvature. 

Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis brace:

This lumbar scoliosis brace is popularly known as the Milwaukee
brace, and is quite alike the TLSO brace. Additionally, it has a
neck ring attached to the brace. It is worn all the time, though
it can be removed for any sporting activity.

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A Life With Scoliosis

A Life With Scoliosis
By Aseya Me

Scoliosis is a medical condition that refers to a lateral or
rotational curve and deformities in the spine. There are
different types and causes of scoliosis. A congenital scoliosis
is a condition that has developed after birth while an
idiopathic scoliosis develops as a secondary symptom of another
condition. Scoliosis can affect anyone and serious cases can be
physically debilitating. Scoliosis causes the spine to develop
or curve into a C-shape or into other directions. It is often
painful but some conditions during adolescence not cause too
much discomfort except for the obvious physical or skeletal
imbalance. Celebrities who have been diagnosed with scoliosis
include Isabella Rosellini, Renee Russo, Liza Minelli, and Sarah
Michelle Gellar.

To get proper diagnosis, a person must consult an orthopedist
who specializes in spine diseases and bone abnormalities.  The
orthopedist will usually ask the patient to undergo the
following examinations:

Physical Examination – Your doctor will check your back, chest,
hips, legs, and even the skin. The doctor will look for
imbalances or structural abnormalities in your shoulders, legs,
and chest.  Specifically, the doctor will look to see of your
head is centered over your shoulders, and whether opposite sides
of your body look even. Another easy way to detect scoliosis is
to examine whether your pant legs drop at equal length.

X-ray – If you have unusual, persistent low back pain or a
large spinal curve, the doctor will ask you to take an x-ray
examination. The x-ray of your back will give a more detailed
picture of the spine and the curvatures.

Curve Measurement - Using the X-ray image, the doctor will
measure the curve and determine what kind of therapy or
treatment is needed based on the degree of curvature. Curves
that are greater than 20 degrees need immediate medical
treatment, which may include surgery.

Kinds of treatment for scoliosis

There are different approaches in the treatment and management
of scoliosis, as shown below:

Bracing - This is recommended for children or adolescents whose
curves progress to 30 degrees and beyond. Bracing allows the
spine to be held in a straighter position and prevents the
progression of the curve.

A brace will not make your spine straight but it will help
improve the posture and reduce the curvature. The commonly
prescribed brace is called the Milwaukee Brace which consists of
metal uprights attached to pads and positioned on the hips, rib
cage, and neck; and the Underarm Brace which is made of plastic
and is placed around the rib cage, abdomen, and hips. Bracing is
also prescribed for other types of neuromuscular disease such as
spinal muscular atrophy.

Surgery – When bracing fails to give the desired results,
surgery is often seen as the next option. Bracing might not work
for everyone. The main purpose for surgery is to join together
the bones of your curve and realign the vertebrae. The surgical
procedure is called spinal fusion.

Coping with scoliosis

To cope with scoliosis, some patients get a massage or a
similar therapy session that helps improve body alignment,
flexibility, and posture. Aquatic exercise can also improve a
scoliosis patient's posture and balance. Acupuncture is also
used as an alternative method for reducing pain and discomfort
brought about by scoliosis.

Your world need not stop from spinning just because you have a
spine problem. Scoliosis patients can still lead happy, active
lives. People with scoliosis can still participate in sports and
other physical activities. Remember, physical fitness is
important for people with back and spine problems.

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