Dating Advice: 4 Surprising Traits Women Will Love You For!

Dating Advice: 4 Surprising Traits Women Will Love You For!
By Emily Heart

Dating can be confusing for men. Should you focus on showing
you’re a nice guy or aim to come across as and macho and strong?

Dating guides might encourage you to impress her with grand
romantic gestures and unbounded admiration, but we know what
women really want when dating, and it might surprise you! Here
are the top four surprising traits which impress women when

1. No grand gestures (just the smaller ones will do)

When we think of romance it can often conjure up images of
grand gestures which will sweep a woman off her feet. While a
giant bouquet of roses or an unexpected weekend in Paris are not
to be sniffed at, you cannot buy a woman’s affection - it is the
smaller gestures which will lead to approval.

Holding a door open for the person you are dating (in the right
circumstances) shows good manners without being over the top.
Try to emphasise your respect without making too much of a fuss
– she will notice the little things and you will be able to keep
up this behaviour over time (while too many mini-breaks could
leave you bankrupt!)

2. An element of challenge

A lot of very good men fall down unnecessarily here with
dating. Women love to be looked after to some extent, but don’t
really need to have their every whim catered to by a man who
quite obviously adores them from day one.

While treating a woman well is one thing, being an absolute
pushover is never all that attractive, and this is the reason
many ‘nice guys’ aren’t the ones who are the luckiest when it
comes to dating. There is an element of ‘the thrill of the
chase’ for both sexes, so bear this in mind and try not to put
the woman you are dating on a pedestal straight away – let her
impress you, too!

3. A stubborn streak

The woman you are dating might give the impression she wants
you to change, but let her wrap you around her little finger and
you could discover, changes made, that she’s lost interest after
all. This is because most women, deep down, are a lot happier
knowing their partner is a strong man who can speak up for

If she does ask you to change, be very wary of doing it. That
is, unless it’s a change you wanted to make anyway (like
stopping smoking! That’s always a good idea). Try to stay true
to yourself, while looking after her needs where you can, and
she’ll respect you more for it.

4. Being unavailable

This does not equate to not calling back – that’s just rude!
But a certain amount of unavailability can make for a longer
lasting relationship. She might think she wants you to be around
all the time but a little time apart can do wonders to keep the
spark going between you.

If you aim to keep up your usual activities, such as meeting
your friends and family or spending time on your hobbies, this
should give enough down-time to your relationship to keep it
burning hot when you’re together.

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Are Overweight Men Attractive to Girls?

Are Overweight Men Attractive to Girls?
By Chris Chew

Yes, I know that this article may offend some overweight men,
but I have to say it anyway. If you are insulted by this
article, then I offer my apologies, but do suggest that you get
out of the denial mode. If you are a man with a protruding beer
belly and is so obese that your neck is hidden in a clump of
chin fat and you think that being fat is attractive to women,
then you are living in a denial mode.

Yes, some women may be attracted to slightly chubby men, but
most women are turned off sexually by overweight men. You may
have read somewhere that girls are not attracted by sight. You
know what? That is not entirely true.

Don't believe me? Pray, tell me why are there so many screaming
girls when a handsome pop star or actor comes to town? Why do
these good-looking men get so many fan mails from women
declaring their undying love for them even when they have never

You see, instinctively a girl (of course are exceptions) is
only sexually attracted to a man if she perceived him to have
good genes that can be passed down to her offspring and at the
same time, able to protect herself and her brood. So what do you
think you will figure out in her subconscious mind if you are
overweight and sporting a beer belly with dangling male boobs? A
real turn off, isn't it?

Most likely, she will think that you are lazy, is not bothered
with your own health and that you are more than likely a strong
candidate for obesity related diseases such as heart attack and
stroke, just to name two of many fat related diseases. If that
is her perception of you, how do you think your chances will be
if you are pitted against a healthy looking male for her

So if you are overweight and wants to attract women, the first
thing to do is to start losing weight now. What did you say? You
have tried losing weight but without success and you are fated
to stay this way? If that is your excuse, then why are you
reading this article? Have you tried professional help? I don't
mean just simply going to your doctor and getting some
prescribed weight lost pills and hope for the best.

What I mean is that have you seek help from weight loss experts
like fitness personal trainers or trawl the internet for good
long lasting weight loss programs. If you think that by popping
some pills or visiting some slimming salon can do the trick,
then you are mistaken big time.

This is because the above are just temporary solutions and when
the weight you have lost comes back to haunt you, will have to
go back to your doctor for the pills (risking side effects) or
back to the salon for expensive treatments again for the rest of
your life.

In the case of engaging the help of a fitness trainer or a good
weight loss program, you will learn how to lose weight and you
will know what to do when the weight comes back. Talking about
giving a man a fish, he eats a meal. Teaching a man how to fish,
he eats a lifetime.

So guys, if you are fat and overweight and is wondering why you
are not good at attracting girls, now you know better. So start
losing weight now.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a fitness, health and
relationship consultant. Read his free articles at and


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How Courage Gets You the Girl

How Courage Gets You the Girl
By Michael Dyer

Since the beginning of time, in nearly every romance story, the
hero gets the girl. The only problem is, I haven't seen many
dragons lately, unless you count the alligators in the bayou
near my house, and honestly they're not bothering anyone as a
general rule. We all know courage is intimately bound up with
winning a woman's heart, but the problem is either we don't know
exactly how to be courageous, or the idea we have of courage is
something that can't be practically demonstrated in front of a
girl unless you're someone like a firefighter. And even in that
case, there has to be a fire going on right then.

The truth is, courage is simpler than you think. Once you grasp
its true nature, you will see that not only do opportunities for
courage abound, but that it has been an intimate part of your
life for a long time. Courage has the word couer as its root,
the French word for heart. We all have times where we do
something "heartily", where you really throw yourself into
something. Whether its playing sports or playing video games, we
have all habitually done some things heartily.

If you call to mind what it's like and observe it; it's a time
where the transition between noticing something (the placement
of the ball or hearing approaching zombies) and acting on it is
smooth and fast. Your actions may not always pay off, but as
long as you're really into what you're doing they pay off more
often than not. And when you're playing really well, you know
intuitively when to think and when to act so that you don't just
rush around to no benefit, and you don't miss opportunities
while you're standing and thinking. The exact same thing happens
when dealing with women. When you hold back, when you don't let
your spirit rise up and forward, she senses this, if even only
on an animal level. But when you are not holding back, she
notices this too. And if you're not even afraid where most other
guys are, she notices that too.

The process is this: knowledge always comes first, then
judgement, and then action. Knowledge, in some ways can't really
be stopped. Your mind is powerful and is sensing gigantic
amounts of information even when you're not consciously choosing
to think about it. Judgement is when you decide what to focus
on. Good judgement means respecting knowledge, and where you go
wrong is bad judgement, when you ignore what you know. Action is
the follow up.

Here is how bad judgement usually happens: You know you want to
get married eventually. You know a certain girl interests you.
And you know that being passive doesn't work. Bad judgement
usually happens when you start ignoring these things. Good
judgement dictates that you take action because nothing will
ever really happen with a woman unless you take action. Then,
you observe the result of your action. Either the girl wasn't
interested, in which case you should probably stop doing that
and try something else. Or she was interested, in which case you
can file that away as a nugget that will probably work again in
the future.

But typically, we don't follow our judgement and get solid
real-world experience. We want to wait until we have a real
feeling of certainty that she is interested. From my own
experience, if that feeling ever arrives, it turns out to be
false. Instead of simply acting and seeing the result, we wait
and wait, anticipating that a positive result will come on its
own without having to put ourselves on the line at all. This is
the very opposite of courage.

This is why courage is a virtue. It is a muscle and exercising
it becomes easier, but it always takes a little push at the
start before your feelings line up with taking action. Just like
on a rollercoaster, you never really feel like starting out
until you have already gone over the first hill. Courage not
only moves you toward your goal, but it also provides the
benefit of making you feel stronger and better whenever you
exercise it; however, all the benefits only come after you do

About the Author: Michael Dyer teaches Christian men about
dating and relationships. He writes regularly for


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