Special Announcement

A Helpful Tool For People Searching For Clinical Research Trials



Sometimes the search for a good doctor can be quite nerve wracking even under the best of circumstances, but the emotional burden becomes even greater when searching for doctors who are participating in clinical trials.

Trial Reach and CureClick know this; so they developed a tool which makes the search for clinical research trials a bit easier.

Last July CureClick and Trial Reach asked if I would like to help out with this task; since I'm a CureClick Ambassador I was happy to help.

At this very moment you can use the Trial Reach Clinical Trials Search Tool that I embedded in the sidebar of Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM).

The clinical trials search tool is absolutely amazing! The tool is designed so that users can search for any clinical trial for any condition. Then the tool provides relevant results based on the user answering a few questions. Now you can search for clinical trials that best fit your needs.

Although I receive a small one time payment for installing the Trial Reach Clinical Trials Search Tool on Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM), the potential benefit to all of you is what inspired me to install it on this website. So, please take the time to use it. And tell all of your family and friends about it, too!

To learn more about my relationship with CureClick and why I'm talking about clinical trials, please click on this link.



God is the beginning and the end. God is God!


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Today Is American Diabetes Alert Day



It's that time of the year again - the fourth Tuesday in March. Why is this day so special? It's special because it marks this year's observance of American Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes is taking a toll on the nation. According to recent government statistics, 26 million people in America are diabetic. Recent studies estimate that 347 million people worldwide have the disease, and if trends for the upcoming decades aren't reversed, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes is also likely to increase.

In fact, the World Health Organization predicts that diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death by 2030.

Interestingly, 2030 is the same year that Eric A. Finkelstein of the Global Health Institute at Duke University in North Carolina predicts severe obesity will become more prevalent in the United States. Obesity increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes (the diabetes most likely to affect adults), thus making these predictions very significant.

The good news is there is a simple test that can give you advanced warning about your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Risk Test, which is available on the American Diabetes Association website, asks questions about family history, age, weight and other factors that could put you at risk for the disease. As an added incentive, everyone who takes the test will be provided with tips that can help prevent diabetes.

To learn more about the Diabetes Risk Test, click on the link at the bottom of this article.


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American Diabetes Association

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Spring It Forward!

DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK 220px-Digital-clock-radio-basic_hf WIKIPEDIA
(The Image "Digital clock of a basic design commonly found in hotels photographed" by Derek Jensen released  into the public domain by its author Althepal at the wikipedia project)




Today's the day! You're meeting your girlfriend for an early morning date at the skatepark. You've got all the gear packed and as you head out, you smile imaging how you're going to rock her with freestyles, ollies and all your amazing moves! It's going to be a fantastic date!

But whoa! What's this? When you arrive at the park, it's already packed! As you make your way through the crowd, you finally find your girlfriend waiting for you at a table. As your eyes meet, a mischievous, knowing smile crosses her beautiful face. Then she points at her wrist watch and says: "You forgot."

Don't let this happen to you! Daylight savings time begins at 2 AM on Sunday March 10, 2013. Set your clocks ahead to 3 AM this weekend.


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Temporary Changes To Publishing Schedule

For the next few weeks the requirements of my day job are going to take up a considerable amount of my time. My employer is relying on my help and expertise as we approach very important end of the semester deadlines (such is the world of academia).

Living Fit, Healthy and Happy is devoted to providing you with quality health news and information seven days per week, but due to time constraints I shall only be publishing one article per week which will be delivered to you every Tuesday. The other six days of the upcoming weeks will be supplemented by guest posts. 

Once the semester ends, my publishing schedule will return to normal. I thank you for your patience.


- healthy_blogging


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Take The Million Hearts Pledge to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes



I'm going to present you with four eye-opening facts about heart attack and stroke.

Fact: 800,000 Americans are killed by heart disease every year. Fact: 107.3 millions Americans (nearly 50% of the US population) 20 years of age and older have at least one heart disease risk factor. Fact: the direct and overall costs of heart disease stands at $717 billion each year. Fact: working together, we can do something to bring these numbers down.


Partnering With Million Hearts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which operates within the Department of Health and Human Services, has asked Living Fit, Healthy and Happy to join them in their goal to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years.

They intend to implement this goal through the Million Hearts initiative. This initiative brings together federal, state and private organizations to increase public awareness about the dangers of cardiovascular disease. 

Million Hearts intends to prevent stroke and heart disease by:

  • Improving access to effective care.
  • Improving the quality of care of the ABCS (aspirin for high risk patients, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and smoking cessation).
  • Focusing clinical attention on the prevention of heart attack and stroke.
  • Activating the public to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Improving the prescription and adherence to appropriate medications for the ABCS.

Without a doubt cardiovascular disease and stroke effects tens of millions of Americans in terms of health, productivity and quality of life. Medical research provides us with evidence that these diseases are largely preventable. Millions of lives can be saved by changing lifestyle habits. 

Stroke, for example, which claims the lives of 140,00 Americans each year, is often triggered by diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking (read my article "What You Need To Know About Stroke Symptoms" to learn more).

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease kills one American every 39 seconds. In addition to that, 68 million Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and another 71 million have been diagnosed with high cholesterol (read my article "Cardiovascular Disease Leading Cause of Death For Americans: CDC" to learn more). 

Each of the above mentioned heart disease and stroke risk factors can be managed by regular medical check ups, healthy nutrition, exercise and avoidance of smoking and other bad habits.


A Simple Pledge To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

That's where Million Hearts comes in. The Department of Health and Human Services is asking Americans to take a pledge to make heart healthy choices.

To make the pledge click on the link to Million Hearts.

By making the pledge, you're promising to take better care of yourself rather than becoming another victim of heart disease or stroke.

When Ogilvy Public Relations contacted me on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asking for my help to spread the word about Million Hearts, I was told that I could receive a prize from the CDC. But that's just a side benefit.

As a heath and wellness website, it's the responsibility of Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM) to educate the public about ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, and the government's plan to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes by one million over the course of the next five years is a good one, and this website stands behind it.

So take the pledge and make a change for the better.


Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life such that anyone who believes in Him and dies shall be resurrected to eternal life, and anyone who believes in Him and has not died by the time He returns shall never die. He asked if we belive this. We do. Do you?

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Article Sources

Million Hearts: Strategies to Reduce the Prevalence of Leading Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors --- United States, 2011. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6036a4.htm?s_cid=mm6036a4_w  

Frieden, T.R., and Berwick, D.M. The "Million Hearts" Initiative - Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes. N Engl J Med 2011; 365: e27


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How To Use Social Media Tools On This Website



I spend so much time telling you to let your family and friends know about Living Fit, Healthy and Happy, that it would be a good idea to write an article that will help you do that. So think of this article as a mini-tutorial for using the third party social media tools which I installed on Living Fit, Healthy and Happy.


Locating and Using the Social Media Tools on Living Fit, Healthy and Happy

The internet is becoming more social with each passing day. Blogs and forums are giving people a chance to share their ideas with others. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz make this even more convenient.

I installed third party social media tools throughout this website because I want to make it easier for you to connect with others through our site. The most noticeable are the "Share This", Facebook like, Twitter and Connect buttons. I'll give a brief summary of each of them.


Social Media Tools on the Sidebars

1. ShareThis. I installed the "ShareThis" button in the upper corner of the right sidebar, just under the Facebook Like box. ShareThis gathers your favorite social media tools in one convenient place. Move your pointer over the button and you'll be presented with a short menu which includes email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Aim Share, and other social media options.

Click on the "View All" button and the menu expands to reveal Tumblr, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Allvoices, FriendFeed, Diigo, Amazon Wishlist, Baidu.com, etc. As a matter of fact, ShareThis has links to all of your most popular and frequently used social media outlets. When you want to share an article link with your friends, you can do it without having to leave the website (but you should be signed into these services in order to use them).

2. Facebook Like Box. This widget connects you to Living Fit, Healthy and Happy's personalized Facebook fan page. This is where you can socialize with other fans, ask questions and get updates specific to fan page members. The Facebook Like Box is located at the top of the sidebar.

3. Networked Blogs. When you sign up for Networked Blogs you get access to Living Fit, Healthy and Happy as well as other top blogs in health, fitness, humor and hundreds of other categories. You can find the Networked Blogs button in the sidebar just below the Twitter Search box.

4. DuckDuckGo Custom search box widget. This widget isn't a social media tool per se, but it's a tool that I installed on the right side bar. This search box allows you to search for articles published on Living Fit, Healthy and HappySM without the inconvenience of leaving the website.


Social Media Options at the Bottom of Each Article

I've also made it easy for you to share our content by installing social media buttons at the bottom of every article. These include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, del.icio.us and ShareThis. You can easily connect with your friends without having to leave our website.

One Last Word About Social Media

I enjoy sharing information with my readers. Social media is always expanding. I use a lot of these tools and I'm still amazeded by the rate at which new apps are developed. I learn about new tools by staying up with the latest developments and reading articles presented on Darren Rowse's blog which is named problogger.net. 

Now that you know about the social media tools that I've installed on the website, I hope that you'll use them to make your visits all the more enjoyable.

***Spread the word! Use the social media and networking tools on this website to tell your friends about us.***

I'm living fit, healthy and happySM. Are you?

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The Fresh Air Fund Needs Your Help For The NYC Half Marathon

Img2Fresh Air Fund NYC Half Marathon




Sara Wilson, the Outreach Coordinator for the Fresh Air Fund, has a special request that she asked me to pass to the readers of Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. The Fresh Air Fund is looking for volunteers to participate in this year's NYC Half Marathon to be held on March 20.

The FAF needs runners and sponsors to join the Fresh Air Fund-Racers team. They're also asking for families who would like to host children this summer. I know that you'll want to help out with this worthy cause.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Fresh Air Fund, I'm going to give you a little background on their mission. The Fresh Air Fund (FAF) is a not-for-profit agency that has been helping disadvantaged children in and around since the late 1870s.

They provide children with the opportunity to spend the summer months in the country.

Children make new friends and learn about life in the country. For a few precious months of the year, inner-city children can take a vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the country. Host families and they children they take in develop life long friendships and they learn from each other.

When you donate your time and compassion to the Frehs Air Fund, you'll be joined by some famous people.


Camp Mariah

Mariah Carey, the famous and ever popular R & B singer, is on the FAF's Board of Directors. Her donations make possible Camp Mariah as part of the FAF's Career Awareness Program. Through an intense educational curriculum, Camp Mariah helps give young people the skills that will serve them in later life.   


Camp Tommy

Tommy Hilfiger donates his support to help children in need. At Camp Tommy, boys between the ages of 12 - 15, learn about teamwork and cooperation. The camp is not only a place for the youngsters spend time hiking, and participating in other outdoor programs. It also literacy programs, computer workshops, photography and music.

Many of those children would not otherwise have access to these programs if not for the Fresh Air Fund.


Camp Hidden Valley

All children need love and support. At Camp Hidden Valley, children with special needs are able to live together and learn from each other. Children with physical disabilities and those without have a place where they can enjoy hiking, nature, creative writing and art.

For children who are so often excluded and marginalized because of their physical or mental condition, Camp Hidden Valley shows these children that they matter - that they are loved.


Camp ABC

At this camp, young girls live in small groups and participate in educational programs that promote teamwork, self-confidence and independence in a fun and safe environment. These are skills that will help these young people to grow up to be decent and honest adults.


Camp Hayden-Marks Memorial

This is where boys between 9 - 12 years old participate in cooperative games, fishing, boating and sports activities. They're also taught about music, video, computers and art. So the children are provided educational opportunities and sports, too.

Each of these programs places an emphasis on education and character development. Children learn skills that will last a lifetime. It helps them to become good citizens who will hopefully help others. And these programs exist because of dedication, love and compassion from people like you.

That's what the NYC Half Marathon is all about. And it's a great way for you to spend the first day of Spring. Marathons are a great outdoor activity and you'll be helping out a worthy cause at the same time. And participating in the NYC Half Marathon is a great way to strengthen and prepare yourself for the November Marathon and compete against Jared Fogle and Apolo Ohno.


The NYC Half Marathon is on Sunday March 20, 2011. This is your heads up about the upcoming event!

To learn more about the Fresh Air Fund and to sign up for the NYC Half Marthon visit their website at http://freshairmarathon.com/ or contact Kate Brinkerhoff at (212) 897- 8890 or kbrinkerhoff@freshair.org .

I enjoy posting the requests from the Fresh Air Fund. Living Fit, Healthy and Happy doesn't receive any finacial payment or gifts for posts about the FAF or hosting their badge on our side bar. We do it because it's the right thing to do. Will you answer the call for help?


"The Fresh Air Fund Needs Your Help For The NYC Half-Marathon" copyright 2011 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. All Rights Reserved.


Spammers, Scraper Bots and Content Thieves - Special Announcement




Content theft is a scourge that plagues online media producers. Just as other long time bloggers Darren Rowse and Brian Clark have been the victim of content theft, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before it would happen to this site, too. While doing routine web searches for our content and ranking on Google, I came across spam blogs (splogs) that have been using content stolen from Living Fit, Healthy and Happy.

The content thieves even go so far as to use the name of this website to deceive the search engines into giving them top page placement in the search results. If you happen to come across any site with the title "Nail fungus treatment Living fit, healthy and happy powered by typepad" be warned that it is a spam blog. Living Fit, Healthy and Happy has neither any affiliation with nor connection to any of those blogs or websites.

The content thieves are coming from such places as Paris, France; Farmington, Michigan; and Russian cities Saint Petersburg, Saratov and Zhirkov; the UK (ISP Hostmaniac dot com Customer Server); Pulong Gubat, Philippines; and many locations in India including such Indian cities Delhi, Madras, Mumbai, Patna, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and Vadodara.

Josh Trent plagiarized my article "9 Reasons Why People Don't Reach Their Fitness Goals". I posted a short version (Why Do Some People Give Up Before They Even Begin?) onto ezinearticles dot com on July 28, 2009 (you can read it here). This is because on 13 July 2009 I posted the full version on "Living Fit, Healthy and Happy" when it was hosted on blogspot.

Then some guy named Josh Trent pastes the ezinearticle version word for word on his own blog with a date stamp of July 29, 2009. Josh Trent didn't give me a backlink or any credit for the article. He couldn't come up with any original ideas so he had to scrape my content?

As of Tuesday 20 December 2011 the latest is from the Ukraine and identifies herself as Carolyn Pinker claiming that she wants to install code on the website (that's right, I'm calling you out). They use scraper bots to steal content which is then spliced together in nonsensical order to create spam blogs that host Google Adsense display ads.

What's insulting about it is that by doing this, they harm innocent advertisers who have ads which appear on those spam blogs. And what should be a concern to all of us are possible reasons why they created those splogs in the first place. They could use the money they get from Google Adsense ads to buy or fund who knows what.

Living Fit, Healthy and Happy has a disclaimer and privacy policy which includes our email address for anyone who wishes to write to us for questions about upcoming articles, suggestions for how we can improve the site to make it more enjoyable and useful to our readers ( and that's you!), etc. We do this because Living Fit, Healthy and Happy believes in disclosure and honesty.

I have already brought this to Google's attention as the content thieves are violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). But it's your right to know, too, because we all have a stake in keeping the internet safe and clean for everyone. The internet is a soil from which knowledge springs forth in the form of useful websites, but in that soil are weeds (content thieves). And the only way to get rid of weeds is to get them at their roots.

That's what I'm doing right now. In my role as site administrator and publisher of this website, I decided that it's just as important to you the readers. So I'm bringing it to your attention so that you'll know what to look out for.

So again, if you happen across websites that say "Nail fungus treatment Living fit, healthy and happy powered by typepad" or other stolen content, know that it is not Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. You come to Living Fit, Healthy and Happy because you want valuable and trustworthy health and wellness information. And that's right here. Those others are bad sites created by internet criminals who are trying to deceive you and all unsuspecting folks whom are unfortunate enough to stumble on them.

Identifiable plagiarists/spammers will be added to The Hall Of Shame.

Thank you for reading.

"Spammers, Scraper Bots and Content Thieves - Special Announcement" copyright Living Fit, Healthy and Happy 2010. All rights reserved.

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Internet Security Providers Warn of New Worm!! "Here you have" Worm May Affect Computers World Wide!!!




This morning I received an newsletter update from my software security provider about a new threat to computers. Because of the seriousness of this worm, I decided to post a special announcement. A new internet worm has been unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The worm has been named "Here you have" and poses a threat to a computer user's security software. The worm reportedly disguises itself as an email link or an attached file.

Once the unsuspecting recipient downloads the worm, it disables security software and sends itself to all of the recipients email contacts. If you receive an email with the subject line "Here You Have" or "Just for you", internet security providers suggest that you not click the link in any email containing those subject headers. It's also a good idea to have up to date security software installed on your computer. Remember that this worm is malware and can do serious damage to your computer so it's better to be safe than sorry.


Article Source

McAfee, Inc. http://www.mcafee.com/us/default.asp


Support Team USA!!!!!

                                                           Support Team USA!!!!!


Team USA




Liza Pieffer from Team USA asked me to pass on the word that the US Olympic Committee wants Americans to show support for the home team during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

On February 12, 2010 athletes from Team USA will be in Vancouver representing our nation in the most important sporting event of the world. There are many ways you can show support for Team USA. Receive updates about each event, hear interviews from the athletes, receive video and photo highlights right to your desktop and much more.

To find out more visit http://teamusa.org.


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